The Resistance


The Resistance aims to prevent the Shaper influence on Earth.  They believe that the Shapers do not have the best intention for mankind. They resist the change that may be for the safety of what currently is.  Struggling to protect what is left of humanity they have the firm believe that they are doing what is best.

The Resistance’s portals and fields show up in blue on the intel map.

Resistance Quotes:

Viva La Resistance

The Shapers killed my mother, the enlightened have taken over my remaining family. I am their only hope! –source

Long have my eyes endured the spreading of the enlightened . It’s time to stop it, it’s time to resist. –source


  49 Responses to “The Resistance”

  1. Need to help my friend he’s like the lonely fighter, in the city we live. Ne need to take action in our hand.

  2. waiting for an invite

  3. Fight the good fight. Win or lose, that is all anyone can ask of us. But if you lose, then we’re through. So don’t lose. Resist

  4. Anyone else in the Dallas, TX area?

  5. I am ready to be part of the Resistance in the Dallas, Texas area!!!!!

  6. Anyone in temple texas?

  7. I’m still patiently waiting for an activation code well over a month from downloading the game… waiting to fight the good fight…

    • Hold fast to your faith…..resist the temptation to accept mediocrity as the rest of the world is fast succumbing to.

  8. The resistance is trying to protect tha Panama Canal. There are very few of us here. I need a a code before is too late. Please help us to contain the shapers. They already infiltrated the port facilities and the food storage. Humanity main be doom if they are able to get hold of the waterway.

  9. Someone send me a code please

  10. Just took over an entire county for us. Viva Inflexibilum et Invictus!

  11. Still waiting for invite! Dont think there are any territories in South Africa yet.

  12. Reply VIVA LA RESISTANCE if you think this is not just a game but a alternative world where we fight to avoid extinction… also still waiting for invite..

  13. I’m trying to better understand the motives behind the Resistance. I understand why we fight, but if we don’t condone mind control by the shapers, why do we also deploy mind control fields? What is the purpose? Do our fields block the effects of XM?

  14. Still waiting for a code to join The Resistance. Trying to fight the good fight up in New York where Shaper influence is widespread.

  15. backing the resistance from Los Angeles

  16. This so-called Quote “The Shapers killed my mother, the enlightened have taken over my remaining family. I am their only hope!” seems to be FAKE.

    There is no such post under the reference link. Why has the “source” deleted the post? Was there a REAL source behind this quote? Was that source you are quoting verified? Were the data from the source statement verified?

    Why is this quote posted on this site? Is somebody trying to “shape” readers mind and obstruct the truth? Is the resistance faction being shaped?

    Who is shaping who is the question?

    The path to understanding is to understand the data, gain the knowledge and use that knowledge for the greater good of the society. Be enlightened and open to possibilities.

    Note that Enlightenment, Understanding and Knowledge is so much more than so called “Shapers”. Grow beyond The Resistance and/or Shapers – be Enlightened!

    • F**k the greater good and the Enlightenment savior complex. Frogs need to check thier privilege and realize that they are forcing others into a situation of which we have no control over. We wish to live our lives to our own fullest potential our own way, relying on our own strength and not by the tainted handouts of an alien intelligence we no little about other than the sum of wishful thinking made by the so called enlightened.

  17. What is the difference between the Resistance and the Enlightened????

    • The Resistance fights the good fight. The right fight. The fight for freedom! The fight for safeguard! The fight!

      Viva La Resistance!

  18. I got my code in less than 20 mins…:D

  19. Resistance is like me. attractions don’t bother me for pictures but the other people i know have over a million of pictures
    thats why i joined the resistance but were losing forces.we need more portals and players,fields and links,and destroying the enlightened

  20. attractions can take over your mind because of the mysterious force,resist it and join the resistance

  21. My brothers and sisters, open your eyes. Open them and see that we are faced with not only a form of energy that we know nothing of, but also an alien race that we know nothing about let alone wether or not they are friend or foe. The Enlightned seek what they do not even try to understand. Our best choice is to desecrate all but a few portals for research and immediately inquire of the Shapers’ intentions. Understand that we must rise up and put down this threat before it is too late. The enlighten’s “Great Journey” is the same as the Covenants, false and full of destruction. Fret not those of The Enlightned who see their sins. You can change your faction though it may take a while. And for those who are seeking a side, know that you are always welcomed in The Resistance, goin us and protect those you love and care for.
    Never forget why you fight my brothers and sisters.

  22. Resistance is futile, enlightenment is inevitable.

    Humanity tears itself apart, and history shows it. War after war, It never ends. Allowing the shapers to help humanity evolve and advance, is our only hope of having a peaceful, and secure future.

  23. I will join the Resistance. It;s time to strike back against the Enlightened zombies and protect humanity and mankind!

  24. Well words on this board will not help the inevitable. We will evolve and be enlightened. I get it you guys are not risk takers, but how the world is currently, it needs a change and it needs it fast . So i tell you brothers, if you want change this is our best option.

  25. Fellow resistance come join our Facebook homepage for the Dallas/FTW area together we will stop the Shapers. Search: Dallas/FTW Resistance-Ingress

  26. Why must we fight, us enlightened just want to broaden our minds, and knowledge…we dont need the shaper for that…

    (Also you guys behind ingress, you should have the shapers be a faction of their own)


  28. Anyone who wish to join the resistance. I am here to invite you. We keep what’s left safe. We are the good that’s left.

  29. are there any resistance fighters in Sacramento

  30. Viva La Resistance! I don’t care if the Enlightened have more people, this is like Star Wars. We may have less members, but we are stronger in brains. Soon, with the power of determination, we will save the future of humanity!!! (Already in St. Peterburg tons of Resistance fighters are destroying Enlightened portals! 😀 )

  31. Anyone in calabasas?

  32. Humanity cannot, in good conscience, leave it’s fate in the hands of unknown beings. We need to grasp our destiny with our own two hands and make it ours. If these Shapers were at all friendly, they would seek to work with us not against us. They would seek peace not war. This is a planetary invasion and we MUST fight it.

    Viva la Resistance!!!

  33. the resistance exists and is strong in southern africa…. especially Bulawayo !

  34. i think we should unite to fight the pokemon go scourge !

  35. May the power of the resistance be with us! Always!

  36. yeah because the N’zeer (or however you spell it) are so awesome. Ev. I know it’s just the game story, but at least be honest about it.

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