The Enlightened


The Enlightened seek to spread the influence of the mysterious force behind these portals.  They wish to help the Shapers infiltrate the earth believing that they will bring with them a new sense of enlightenment and knowledge. Believing the Shapers will help humanity advance they will fight the resistance in order to spread the Shaper’s influence and allow this power to influence mankind.

On the intel map their portals and links show up in green.

Enlightened Quotes:

I, for one, welcome our new energy overlords.

Enlightenment is the next logical step for mankind. Do not resist. To resist, is to fight the inevitable. Accept enlightenment.Embrace its power. Evolve into the beings we were meant to be. –source

Resistance is futile, you will be Enlightened

  30 Responses to “The Enlightened”

  1. Do not resist. Do not resist. Do not resist. Do not resist. Do not resist. Do not resist.

  2. Green is good!

  3. Looking to join this side. Need an invite. I can bring enlightened people.

  4. Sharpers, or Shapers?

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a code and start playing 🙂

  5. Please, contact me,, if you wish to be… Enlightened.

  6. AWSOME AWSOME game! Really unique concept for an AR game. Have enjoyed this for hours/days on end. Thank you Devs for the invite!! Anyone close to Western NC, USA? Prepare to be enlightened!

  7. i want an invite

  8. Invitation Code please

  9. In brightest day, in blackest night,: No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might,: Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!!!

    • “In fearful day, in raging night,

      With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.

      When all seems lost in the War of Light,

      Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!”

  10. Hoping for a code to join the Enlightened. We have two level 8 Resistance in the Capital of Montana and one Level 5 Enlightened. We must prevail and Enlighten those in the State of Montana.

    • Here’s a Shoutout from Commander of Enlightened forces up here in Kalispell. Keep up the good work down there, Enlightened!

  11. waiting for a code to join the enlightened! i wish to bring the power of the shapers to virginia

  12. I choose to be Inlightened!

  13. Hi!

    Is this where I join the resistance?

  14. Agent Epsilon78 reporting in, all quiet in Colorado, Resistance are in mountains and east.

  15. “Really, the only thing that makes sense is to strive for greater collective enlightenment.”-Elon Musk

    “Paralyze Resistance with persistence.”-Woody Hayes

    “Enlightment is the key to everything, and it is the key to intimacy, because it is the goal of true authenticity.-Marianne Williamson

    <3 Honey Huhknee2

  16. Humanity has shown that it is still very primitive, and will most likely nuke itself in the end. The only way we can truely advance human evolution and tap into the true power of the world around us, is to allow the shapers to help mankind for a better, advanced, and enlightened future.

    Those of the reistsance are afraid. Humanity needs the help of the shapers. This is our future, the only way we can truely have a peaceful future.

    Resistance is futile, enlightenment is inevitable.

  17. I’m feeling green, and enlighten is such a pretty color

  18. JOIN THE Enlightend

  19. I want to be enlightened

  20. I’m in Uppsala. Resistance = Enlightened

  21. Help me take over downtown Atlanta!

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