Feb 042016

So as promised here is the new poll to replace the poll from last year.  Keeping with the same subject matter we want to now know what was your favorite part of Ingress from playing last year?

Was it attending anomalies, following the storyline, attending local events, the local community or just playing the game?  Whatever it was we want to know!  

You can vote below or on the right side of any page on the website.   Continue reading »

Jan 212013

We have a few more activation codes to give away for Ingress and we’re running into the problem of we are not sure of the best way to give away these codes.  So we’re asking for your help.

The Website has been updated with a poll over on the left side that we would like your input on.  We have started the poll with several of our current ways we’ve given away activation codes but if you have something else to add please comment on this thread and we’ll get it added.  (As long as it isn’t ‘give it to me’)

If you have any other questions about Ingress make sure to check out our Ingress Question and Answer post.

We look forward to seeing what you all would like to see for the next contest!