Nov 262012

Do you have invites for Ingress but not enough friends to use them all up? Not a problem send those invites over to and we’ll make sure that the activation codes go to people who are really wanting to play the game.

Why should you do this? Because it would be a shame for those activation codes to go unused and we’ll make sure they get used and people playing the game who really want to play. This is the main way we have received our activation codes so far is through people who have either received the codes and didn’t need them/want to play or from people who could invite and didn’t have anyone else to invite.

So if you have some invites you don’t intend to use go into the Intel map and on invite enter in and send us as many as you are willing.

Hopefully soon Google will open Ingress up as an open application and Activation Codes and invites won’t be as big of an issues anymore, but until then it’s better to give so that others can receive.

Thank You,

Ingress Guide Agent