May 292013

Agent Powin 117k AP

Hello Everyone, Ingress Agent Powin, checking in. This report will be short as I didn’t get to play much Ingress this last week due to rain and bad weather off and on. Then I also was not feeling that great all weekend which is when the weather finally cleared up. So my goals for playing Ingress and losing weight this week were not met. Continue reading »

May 232013

Powin Level 4 | 5-18-2013

Agent Powin here again, It’s time to get into last Saturday’s events. My city weapon freed the L8’s meaning they could blow up anything and everything that was green in order to turn the city blue. Normally they ask the L8’s to take it easy, since they only take the ap away from those of us trying to level when they just destroy everything and cap it all. But Saturday was a weapons free day so the carnage began and I got a great opportunity for leveling and learning Ingress better. Continue reading »