Resonators are powered by XM and while they may start with a full charge when deployed to a portal there are several ways that they can lose it.  The first way is decay, portals lose XM at a rate of 10% of their XM per day.   Secondly XMP Bursters used to attack portals reduce the amount of XM that portal contains.

So it stands to reason that the higher charged a portal’s resonators are the better it will hold up against an attack as well as the longer it will last sitting uncontested.   Once a resonator’s XM level reaches zero it will explode or self-destruct.

There is two different ways you can recharge a portal.

Resonators can be Recharged using the RECHARGE Resonators action:

  1. Choose the Portal when it is in “action range”
  2. Touch RECHARGE resonator
  3. This should bring up a UI showing you the percentage of each resonator’s health
  4. Click recharge to pull XM from your storage into the resonators
  5. Repeat this action to fill up all resonators

Resonators can be recharged remotely using the portal key.

  1. Open your inventory
  2. Select the portal key you wish to use
  3. Once a lock is obtained on the portal a menu on the map should come up that says Recharge
  4. This should bring up a UI showing you the percentage of each resonator’s health
  5. Click recharge to pull XM from your storage into the resonators
  6. Repeat this action to fill up all resonators
When you recharge using the portal key it is important to note that the range you are away from the portal affects the effectiveness of your recharging.  Although it really takes a long distance to make a good deal of impact.

The above image shows a portal being recharged from a distance using a portal key.


  12 Responses to “Recharging”

  1. You also can’t effectively recharge while moving quickly. (In a car, for example.) This sucks for me, since I’m often a passenger on long car trips with XM to spare all over the roads.

  2. Tolstyak, the newest release of Ingress APP will let you charge while moving. The fastest I have been able to recharge was on interstate (as a passenger of course) @ 75 MPH.

  3. You now achieve 10 AP for every recharge!

  4. Sadly there does appear to be an upper limit to remote recharging.
    I can’t recharge damaged friendly portals that I have keys for, that are ~900km away.

    Not sure what the actual distance limit is.

  5. I think the decay rate of portals is now 15%, they now die within a week.

  6. Auto-recharging mod is missing for rural portals. I can’t take care for all portals, becouse of permanent lack of xm. What about auto-recharging mod (very rare + 15% energy a day – full covering of daily decay, rare+10%, common +5%. We finally have to force people to travel to the country, to see many interesting places. What do you think?

  7. Remotely recharging often fails for me. Either at the office, or as a passenger. First the XM for recharging is subtracted, then it gets back after a few seconds.
    Why is this and can you fix it please. It’s making it rather hard work to keep charging all portals around me.

    • That will happen when you are moving around too much. When doing a remote recharge you need to remain fairly stationary for a minute before recharging.

      • I do wish that we could recharge in motion again. I used to be able to gather energy and remotely recharge using portal keys while I was on the bus for my commute, but the most recent update broke that ability.

  8. What is the maximum range that you can recharge resonators? I will be traveling 400 miles away in a week and will be gone for 10 days. Is there a way to recharge them online?? PLEASE??

  9. When i open the portal key the recharge option is greyed out. I cannot do remote recharge. It works for most of the portals but some have trouble recharging.
    Do i need to do anything to do so.

  10. I am visiting Perth Western Australia but I live in South Australia, I have been trying to recharge but it tells me out of range, what do I have to do to recharge them back home as I don’t want to loose them.

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