The object of the game is to capture and upgrade portals. However, the first step to this is finding the portals to attack and claim.

Portals are located throughout the world, at places of interest, that are publicly accessible. Many of these portals focus around works of art, namely statues and outdoor murals. They may also appear at post offices, libraries and fire stations. Other locations are special buildings or businesses and locations of historical significance.

The best way to locate these portals is going to be using the intel map. However, it is very time consuming using the intel map to find low level portals as you need to be zoomed in very closely. It is much easier when you know where to look for them.  A lot of the starting portals came from The Historic Marker Database so that can be used to help locate portals near you.   It may also be worthwhile to download the Field Trip app to see it’s suggestions on locations near you.

What you want to find is a place that has many portal located in close proximity to each other so you can easily walk between them hacking them and linking them together to create fields. This will give you the ability to gain the most amount of experience (action points) as fast as possible. As you will not be able to create long distance links and large control field until you are at a higher level.

If you can’t find portals near you but know of places that qualify you can create your own portal.

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  1. Cant wait to try.

  2. Walking around Washington DC I see a ton of places that could be portals, but time will tell. The whole area is filled with signs just beyond my reach.

    • As much as there are many awesome portals sure to be created in DC, I hope you aren’t detained by federal agents for poking around doing mysterious things near important places!

  3. Had the opportunity to check this game out over the weekend I like what they did with the locations. Can’t waite to get my own invite and start exploring I here there is way to much green in old town.

  4. I seem to live in an “Ingress desert”. When I received my password a week ago I found 3 portals close to my house and that’s all. I keep Ingress running while driving to/from work and I’ve been scanning the intel map, but I didn’t find other portals till now in my region. I tried to submit some locations for new portals but the delays are long.
    There should be a quicker way to create new portals. E.g. could you automatically create new ones between two requests from the same user. Let’s say I request one close to where I live and another one where I work. Automatically adding new ones in between those two locations or around them would make the number of portals grow faster.

  5. IOS users cannot create new portals currently..I am not getting the option to do it..Any idea why?

    • Unfortunately I have yet to use Ingress on iOS so I don’t know the exact way to do it. On Android you long hold on the map and it brings up a dialog with several options, one of which is to submit a portal.

  6. Disculpe la molestia yo vivo en san Fernando tamaulipas México nadamas ay un solo portal en toda la cuidad para el guego de ingress y para el guego de pokemon es la misma situacion por favor ayúdenos para poder jugar a como debe de ser

  7. This https://ingress.com/intel is not working for me. All I ever see is a black page where the map should be and “Loading Data…” at he lower right next to Missions and Filters. The map seems unresponsive, if I type a location in the search box and click search nothing happens but the message “Loading Data…” disapears.

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