There is very little active defense you can do when a portal is under attack. However, when a portal is under attack you will receive email notifications whenever a resonator you deployed is damaged and destroyed. This will allow you to have some heads up when your portals are under attack.

If a portal you control and have the key to is under attack you can remotely connect to that portal through your key and remotely recharge it’s resonators XM supply.  This will cause your attacker to have to use more XMP bursters in order to take down the portal. So the attacker will either give up or continue using their XMP bursters and it will become a game of who has the most XM reserves.

Defending is by far one of the most important things you can do in the game actively, it is also one of the hardest things because it’s all about timing as an attacker can take down a portal very fast.

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  1. How do Portal Shields work? How are the deployed?

  2. This makes it almost impossible to take down one portal, im in a town where the whole enlighten control all portals, most are fully charged with lvl 3-5 resonators so its almost impossible for me to do anything, seems nobody else bother either lol.. problem is that u can only hack the portals hoping to get some XMP but as a lvl 1 it takes like 20 of them to just destroy a single resonaator.. so in the long run its insane how the game favors the winning faction.. not really fun motivation in the long run unless they change the game elements.

    • While you are at a disadvantage for farming items, you have a significant advantage to get AP.

      Anyway, your main problem is that you are fearing change. Overcome your fear and reach for your enlightenment. There is no point in fighting the future.

      • Do not listen to this traitor of the human kind! He is pure evil!
        On a less “RP” note, work as a team in this instance. It will be harder for you to get items, but after 100 hacks, you will be lvl 2! The enemy gains almost no AP at all (some decay and that’s it). If a few of you work together with 20-30 bursts each, you take down a portal in no time.
        Good luck!

    • remember, one of the goals is to have you reach out to your local teammates and realize a planned attack ! this will almost always work.

    • The secret is that you have to team up. Find two or three friends of your faction and go hunting in a pack.

  3. Should I have 5 lvl to destroy portal lvl 5?

    • No, you can destroy it even being lvl 1, just have enough xmp burtsers and power cubes, of course if it’s not actively defended.

  4. Another thing that really helped kill the stronger resonators is that you can use “ultrastriked” by standing right on top of the resonator to do strong damage, but won’t hit otherwise. A possibly even better use for them though is to stand on top of the portal itself and use ultrstrikes to destroy the shields. Then everything gets a lot easier. When you don’t have unltrastrikes (somewhat hard to get right on top of the resonator or portal gps, but great when they work) you should know that distance from target applies to the xmp as well. As an example, I am only level 4, but my partner stood on top of a portal until the shields broke and then I stood on top of a level 8 resonator firing until it exploded. The level 7 to right and left of it were taking about 4%, but they died sooner than the pseky level 8 that was being hit by around 8% each hit, yet was the last to go. I might never have destroyed it if I didn’t get pretty close to it before firing my xmp.

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