Portal Decay

Resonators are powered by XM. Resonators are deployed with a full charge, but the XM store is consumed at a rate of approximately 10% per day. Attacks on Resonators by XMPs also reduce their XM charge. Resonators will self-destruct when the XM charge reaches 0. If all Resonators deployed on a Portal go to zero, the Portal will revert to Neutral status.

So to prevent your portals from decaying and their links/fields that they are associated with decaying it is important to keep a portal key handy and remotely recharge those portals.

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  1. What if portal with full energy decay over the night???

  2. I am experiencing very weird portal decay begaviour. I’m seeing all resonators on a portal decaying after only 3 days. I know people say the portal could have been attacked, but this should have knocked out the low lvl resos first. For my lvl 3 through 7 resos to all die in the same minute makes no sense. I am travelling to strange places. Could the fact that I’m moving around have anything to do with it?

  3. Why can’t I remotely recharge my reasonators? Don’t wanna have to drive to each location.

  4. Sorry, had to fix my email address, but same question.

  5. Do L1 portals decay faster then L8 portals ? I think that portals shouldn’t decay period

    • Well, I don´t know the answer, but they should decay because otherwise no one would be able to capture portals from the other team and all portals would be permanently Resonated and then no more portals would exist to play with, then there wouldn´t be any more fun

    • Of course, why should you have to work at anything…

  6. I got a message saying my resos decayed just minutes after I placed them… I actually thought that meant the end of some grace period.

  7. if i want to decay the portal of my own faction to remove the field and start a new field making…how can i do it ? do i have to wait or is there any other way to decay it and start making other fields ?

    • You unfortunately just have to wait. There is no way to destroy your own faction’s portal.

      • ADAs and JARVIS’

      • But you can flip your own factiob’s portals usind ADA (if you are resistance) ir JARVIS (if you are enlightened), and then delete it (one hour later).

      • There is: as enlightened Agent you can use an ADA refractor to turn a green portal blue (destroying the fields) and as a resistance Agent you can use a JARVIS virus to turn a blue one green. You can then attack the converted portal using your bursters to capture it yourself.

        Needless to say, this is not always appreciated by people of your own faction, so check with the portal owner before you do it. Not really nice to shoot a 149 day guardian of someone of your own faction …

      • Ada?

    • You can’t attack or decay same faction portals.

      Your only option other than waiting is to use a Jarvis Virus or ADA Refactor to flip the portal to the opposite faction, then destroy it. You can then recapture the portal, and mod/deploy/link it as you want.

    • You can virus the portal, destroying your factions ownership of it. Then attack it and destroy the virus resonators until the portal is grey.

    • ADA it then take it out and make it your own

    • or Jarvis it then take it out – depends on if you are green or blue

    • You can put a ADA Refactor or Jarvis Virus (depending on your faction).
      The field will be destroyed and you can attack the portal.

    • Use an ADA (if Enlightened) or Jarvis (if Resistance). Once flipped proceed to attack it as an enemy portal. *Good idea to ask its owner before doing so.

    • You can use ADA/JARVIS to change to portal to the opposite fraction and recapture/remake the fields. Make sure no virus was used 1h before your action.

  8. Is it 10% of the resonator full capacity or of the energy left

  9. Mods decay over time?

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