Attacking Portals

As to be expected not all the portals you find are going to be friendly controlled. Sometimes it will be controlled by the opposed faction and it is in these instances that it is important to know how to properly attack and capture an enemy controlled portal.

You can gain action points or experience based on the damage you do to a portal if you destroy a resonator you get 60% of the experience gained for adding that resonator.  The same goes for destroying links and fields between portals.

Destroy an enemy controlled Link/Field by attacking the Resonators that are deployed on the Portals that anchor the Link. For example, you can fire an XMP to damage a Resonator and reduce its XM health. When all eight resonators have their XM health reduced to the Critical level, then the Link will fail. You can destroy a link without completely destroying the portal and causing it to go uncontrolled.

Note:  The quick action menu items (via long press on the map) usually fires the highest level item in your inventory. If you go to your ITEMS view you can select a specific XMP.

Tip: The damage of an XMP is directly correlated to how close you are standing to the resonator that you are trying to attack.  You can see how close you are to resonators by looking at your map in game.

Trick: Higher level bursters do more damage to lower level resonators but may be harder to come by.  You will do a minimum of 1% damage to any resonator within range of your XMP no matter of the level or burster or resonator attacking.   It is best to tailor your XMPs to the level of resonator you are trying to attack.

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  1. Yeah this is something that feels impossible if u dont have any XMPs or if u find not many as u are lvl 1 its hard to lvl an area where enlighten has all portals green, there should be something else u could do as resistance since the game rely u need to this, its not very often u get items at all from hacking, its almost not worth the time to go to a portal and get hacking aquired no items, how long uthink people will bother do this? its not very fun really.

    • Keep in mind this is still beta so things have a way of changing. Especially if enough players submit feedback.

    • Where I am, resistance controls all the things. I think the issue is that if the area you are in when you join is heavily one or the other, if changes play such that people drop out. Maybe add more randomly gathered items for new players and add random events that clear portal ownership…

  2. yea but problem is that new players will probably get bored preety fast when they see how hard its to do anything, u will only regret u choose the wrong faction. There needs to be more functions even if u dont hold any portals otherwise its a fun concept but once a team has all the portals all the fun is almost gone.. beta or not they want players to stay obviously the players more fun for everyone.

  3. Also i have posted my feedback on the google discussions boards, i have not yet seen anything about new stuff being posted or something, i bet it will probably take some time before we will see anything new. I just hope they will look into the balancing sides.

  4. When I fire I am next to resonators and see a blast circle that passes the resonators but it always registers as a miss.

    • They are constantly changing stuff around especially with regards to attacking. We’re working on getting the content updated as past as possible but some of it falls behind.

    • It probably means that the Portal is from your team. That was the mistake that I made in the beginning

  5. Hi all,

    Can somebody explain me please….

    When I attack with 67 lvl 1 XMPs and 43 lvl 2 XMPs, having always 1% damage. Why are the portals not down after 100 XMPs. A 100 times -1%….?

    With 110 XMPs I only did 1.6K damage… I mean ……… :s

    • Probably someone is recharging them, keep in mind that people get notifications of an attack and can recharge remotely.

  6. I know you might have solved this matter, but I’ll reply anyway. The reason is per cents.
    99x 1%= 0.99 .
    Your action didn’t work because each attack make less and less damage to resonator…

    • That can’t possibly be right. All attacks are measured in %. No one would be able to destroy any resonators if that is the case. The real reason is that attacks that do less than 1% damage get rounded up on the display, even if the actual damage is much lower.

      • Not percentage of the charge that’s left on a resonator but it’s overall available charge. It’s possible that they do less than 1% and only display 1% but it’s really hard to determine that without extensive testing to see if a resonator was at 1% health and a charge was let off that did 1% if the resonator was left alive then that would be indication that it did less than 1% of damage.

  7. Attacking portal shields.
    when attacking portals I can see reduction in resonators and when they’re going to fail, this helps in game tactics. however now that shield failure is notified it would be useful to know shield status and when failure is going to occur.
    Is there now a method for targeting shields (as there is for resonators) or a power level at which they fail?

  8. can a blue teammate attack a blue portal? i think someone did this to me. that or the coms are slow..

  9. If you hold down on the fire button, you will see a contacting circle. If you release when the circle is smallest, you get up to 20% more power! Your attacks will be slower, but more effective, which is good when you have fewer weapons.

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