Leveling In Ingress


Leveling in Ingress

Leveling in Ingress is pretty straightforward.

For each level you have to achieve a certain amount of action points. As you level up you can use higher level items. The max level of items you can use directly correlates to the level you are.

In order to obtain action points in the game you have to complete certain actions.  You gain more points by building up portals and fields than by destroying them but it takes more time and effort to build up fields than it does to tear them down normally.

As you can see in the chart below creating a control field by far and away the best place to gain action points and level up. However, it is also the hardest to do because at low levels portals have to be in close proximity to each other fully charged portals and that can take some time.  In addition the acquiring of the portals keys required to link all the portals together can also be time consuming.

Action Action Points Earned
Place a resonator 125 AP
Place the first resonator on a portal 500 AP
Place the eighth resonator on a portal 250 AP
Create a link 313 AP
Create a control field 1250 AP
Apply a portal shield 150 AP
Upgrade a resonator 65 AP
Recharge Resonator(s) 10 AP
Hack an enemy portal 100 AP
Destroy a resonator 75 AP
Destroy a link 187 AP
Destroy a control field 750 AP

You can also enter in passcodes to gain action points but they are in small amounts (10-200 APs generally) that it is a hard way to actively level up.

Here is how many action points it takes for each level as well as some basic stats.

Level AP required Max XM Best (solo) Portal
1 0 3000 1
2 10000 4000 1.5
3 30000 5000 2.5
4 70000 6000 3.5
5 150000 7000 4
6 300000 8000 4.75
7 600000 9000 5.125
8 1200000 10000 5.625

  57 Responses to “Leveling In Ingress”

  1. It is the best game of this millinium

    • What is a millinium?

    • Earth forces have been decimated. The shapers have won the planet and are now feeding the human race to a bunch of. intergalactic carnivores. The shapers have allowed a small group to survive in a possible non hologram environment if the colony meet the requirements of living within their habitat biosphere and maximizing their intelligence and life span.

  2. There is either something wrong with your numbers or I am not getting the AP I should be getting. I just found an unclaimed portal, hacked it and placed 4 lv1 resonators (only had 4). I received a total of 250 AP for those actions.

  3. I also think you should get like 20-50 AP for a successfull attack or something, its a important step so it should be awarded.

    • You get 100 AP for hacking an enemy control portal.
      While attacking is important it could be abused. You get AP for destroying things and then can get AP for rebuilding.

  4. ups i was thinking of something else i forgot u get that.

  5. This may be a stupid question, but, can I still use items that are lower than my level? e.g. If I’m a level 2 can I still use level 1 disruptors?

  6. @Bridawg yes, you can use lower level items too

  7. You need to add ‘upgrading a resonator 65 AP’
    However, this only happens sometimes for me…

    • I think this is new.
      You can tell if there is a difference in upgrading a “resonator” from another played or your?

      Currently also given 10 AP remotely recharge.

  8. The AP reward for recharging (remote included) is 10AP each resonator and each recharge. Usually a recharge takes two or three goes, so with 8 resonators the 10APs add up.

  9. I’m a lvl 1 in an established area. Almost all the portals near me are lvl 4 or better. I have no chance to take on e down by myself, therefore no chance to build one by myself. A lvl 1 xmp does a 3% max damage against a lvl 4 through 6 resonator. I’m lucky to take one resonator down. I think that there should be a leveling system for lower level players to catch up in established areas. For example, If a low level player lowers the level of a portal, I think there should be an ap award relative to their respective differences in level. That way higher level players don’t get extra rewards for taking down equally leveled or lower leveled portals, and we beginners have a shot at catching up to our cohorts.

    • Jon,
      While it would be possible to implement some sort of reward for attacking portals that are a challenge, it is probably unnecessary. I spent about 3-4 days leveling up to level 2 through solo play, the game is designed to require some teamwork. level 2-3 has taken about the same time to level up, though I had some assistance from other players. In Perth, Australia, we don’t have huge portal densities in some suburbs, but leveling up wasn’t difficult. My suggestion would be to find some high level players to help you out. High level players won’t want low level resources (xmp & resonators) & can destroy the portal & let you rebuild. That way they get points too.

      • But if you think about it, what Jon B said holds true for most games. MMORPGs like World of Warcraft do the same thing.. if you’re a higher level and attack lower level stuff, you’ll get reduced or no experience (and vice versa).

        I know this game is (to Google) a way to datamine points of interest, routes etc, but I have a feeling when it comes out of private beta it’s going to be a real headache for certain areas. For example on campus here we have 40,000+ students and then staff on top of that. Obviously not everyone has a smartphone let alone Android, and not all would be interested in the game… but with the current number of players here you can’t keep crap. As soon as you take it over (or attack sometimes) they either take it back over within a half hour or remotely recharge. I can just imagine the chaos we’ll have when it’s out of closed beta in smaller areas with high populations (and as people add more and more portals in condensed areas).

        • Almost 2 years later and no (major) chaos. 😉

          The densly populated areas get a lot of traffic. Especially malls and parks with a lot of portals. But that’s great for people wanting to level up more quickly. And it makes for a lot of fun.

          • Agreed. In fact, I like the turnover in my area. I do get a bit upset when someone attacks my stuff, or whenever I see new blue nearby. This motivates me to mount my attack — yet again. 😉

    • You should be able to hack those other portals and receive some higher level xmp’s that you can use to attack the portals later

  10. So the actions in the first chart. do you gain that AP or is that how much it costs?

    P.S. I’m new to ingress.
    and if that is how much they cost, how do you collect ap?

  11. I have never gotten any AP for placing a Portal Shield.

  12. Will I gain APs for sending in new portal photos?
    It would be nice, if builders of new portals would have the first right to claim that portal. This would result in getting more portals and would make it easier for lvl-one players to reach a new level.

  13. I’ve been trying to find an XM Cost chart similar to the AP Gain chart above, can anyone point me in the right direction? I thought I had an app that had it but I’ve downloaded all of them and can’t seem to find it anymore

  14. Are there any news about Playerlevels and depending XM-storage per level?

    To encourage walking or biking as a healthier activity than automobiles, I would like a bonus AP for consistent movement less than 10mph 0r 16kph 5 minutes prior a portal interaction. Consitent movement prevents sitting in a a car texting and waiting for the bonus.

  16. guys i`m level 2 and i have 3000/4000 xm but i cant collect more of them

    • Same here. I can’t collect XM even they’re in my orange circle. What’s wrong? Now i’m using power cube to make the bar full

  17. I reached the limit of AP points in level 2 (19999), however I cant reach to level 3. When I gain AP points, the green bars dont move. Whats going on?

  18. As far as the Level, my info is telling me I only need 2,500 AP for my next level. To be exact in the information, the AP stat says “800/2,500 AP”
    I’m not complaining, but I am curious about this anomaly.

  19. applying a MoD gives you 125 AP

  20. These figures don’t seem to be right or there’s a few bugs.

    When I’m not in range of any portals to hack or just bored, I recharge all friendly portals I have portal keys for and receive 10AP for each one I recharge, each time I recharge it (hitting the recharge button doesn’t fully recharge the resonators) – but there seems to be a limit and it just stops.

    Recharging continues to work but you don’t receive AP for it.

  21. … and you’re also missing the one where one of your recommended recruits confirms their account and signs up (3000AP?)

  22. I am stuck at 19999AP and any more AP I get aren’t adding. Is there something I need to do to get to level 3.

  23. Noticing I get AP for taking down enemy fields. Not always sure how how much AP will come out but seems like at least 50% of the broken field/link’s AP value. I’ve gotten over 10,000AP for taking down the key portal in massively linked fields.

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