Jan 162014

Today is Thursday, which means there is another Ingress Report posted.

In today’s Ingress Report a subject is very heavily focused on.  Susan Moyer’s safety and the safety of the Ingress Report in general.  At the start of the broadcast she mentions that they are constantly having to move locations to avoid NIA interruptions.   Then near the end of the broadcast she plays a phone conversation between her and an unknown male who was offered a job, and that job was taking her out.  So apparently NIA (or someone else) wants her gone.  What would be the fate of the Ingress Report were she taken out?

The next subject matter in the Ingress Report is a scanner update for regional data to display within the Ingress app.  This information will show mind control units within a specific city or multi-city region and will also appear to have a type of ongoing competition to control the most mind units in an area when the timer runs out, every 175 hours.  The winning faction will have mind units added to their running average score.  What exactly this means is unknown other than it is sure to have a drastic impact on Mind Unit numbers.

Expanding on the storyline more we get into the fact that after the Epiphany Night an agent named Catalina, who was supposedly hired by Ada went to meet with Jarvis and they were both killed by the NIA.   Reports are putting the blame on Ada but at the end of the report it is interrupted by Ada proclaiming her innocence.

Notable Portals:

Slain’s Castle: Portal highlighted in OP Bram Stoker – Scotland by DiamondDuke to take out a control field over the North Sea.  This portal is an 18th centuary castle best known for where Bram Stoker got his inspiration for Dracula.

Flatholm Lighthouse: Portal highlighted in Operation Flatland in Wales.  Centered in Cardiff creating massive mind fields using this portal as a major anchor as it requires a ferry to get near it.

Exorcism Church: This church was home to a covenant of nuns that helped who used it to perform forbidden Exorcisms


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