Jul 112013

New Portal mods

New Pages for the New Portal Mods!

New Portal mods were released in a recent update to the Ingress app and while we are a little late to the game we have finally got some pages up on our guide about the new mods, what they can do and how it’s best to use them.

These new portal mods have been available from hacking portals for several weeks now and are making there way ever increasingly out into the field of battle.  However, even if you’ve managed to obtain one of these items you may not know exactly what they do and how best to use them.  That’s where our the new Portal Mods section of our site should come in handy.  The goal of these pages is to introduce you to these mods, what they do and the best way to use them in conjunction with each other.

The 5 New Ingress Portal Mods:

  • Force Amplifier

    • The Force Amplifier increases the amount of damage done by an attack from your portal.  This mod is a defensive mod and combined with a portal shield and the Turret mod it can make it difficult for the opposing faction to destroy your portal.
  • Turret

    • The Turret mod increases your portal’s attack rate. They can be combined with the Force Amplifier mod to make it very hard for the other faction to hack and attack your portal.
  • Multi-hack

    • The Multi-Hack mod increases the amount of times a portal can be hacked before burning out. They can combinated with the Heat Sink mod to increase the item return from portals.
  • Heat sink

    • The Heat Sink mod decreases the time between each hack. This mod is cools down your portal faster, so you can hack it multiple times in a row without the long wait of 5 minutes.  Combined with the Multi-Hack mod makes for a great item farming portal.
  • Link Amplifier

    • The Link Amplifier portal mod is a new mod that increases the distance over which you can link two portals with each other.

Special thanks to Agent Yioishi for writing up these guides on the new portal mods.   We continue to work diligently to add to these guides and update existing ones to keep in line with game updates.

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