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Shaper Glyph Research Part I - Mustafa's Musings

Okay, let’s get into this. This one’s so big i’m not putting an intro into it.
My glyph research began right after the Save Klue anomaly in Portland Oregon. Within seconds of the announcement of the Enlightened victory, many began to call bullshit.

In a nutshell, most began to speculate that Richard Walden was a plant by Niantic to tweak the victory in Enlightened favor. First of all, if they were tweaking to fit them, it only shows that the Enlightened can’t with without them. Make the game fair and suddenly they go into panic.
Second, Niantic got pushed into a corner when Walden demanded that Klue join their side. Obviously they knew that Klue couldn’t do so-it would piss people off and it would damage Niantic credibility. I mean up until now, Niantic Labs was neutral-though their Agents weren’t. If, suddenly, they decide to let Klue change sides, those who were present at the Scotland showdown would feel cheated-as if their only victory was meaningless.

On the other hand, if the offer was rejected, the timezero package would lay in the hands of Walden and the Enlightened or who knows what would have happened? So Niantic decided to call the bluff and send Klue to Portland, where a showdown would begin for her alignment…again.

Overall, the Enlightened won and Klue’s gone radio silent since then-like almost every Niantic Project sensitive who became Enlightened.
I started my glyph research of the Shaper Glyphs here because it seems that these Glyphs affected Richard Walden into demanding Klue’s realignment and then, instantly, they affected Klue into going to Portland, saying that ‘something important had come up.’ These Glyphs did something to make the Portland Anomaly a thing.

Now, the Glyphs have affected Walden himself. In this post by Don Armstrong, Walden seems to have disappeared altogether. The last time he was seen was when they came very close to deciphering the Glyphs

So, the first thing i learned: These Glyphs aren’t playing around. Whatever power they hold can affect people at the mental and maybe even psychological level. They’re capable of aligning an Agent who was dead-set in her convictions-just like that. However, it isn’t guaranteed that they do something since AgentsForADA has reported that they came into contact with the Glyphs and…nothing. Nothing happened to them.  You’ll have to dig around the comments but they’re there.

Here’s a thought: Richard Walden. Carrie Campbell. Hank Johnson. Klue. There seems to be a pattern here: All these agents are ENLIGHTENED. Now, i can guess what you’re thinking: Klue was Resistance before so she doesn’t count.

Well, think about this: until she made her choice in Scotland, she was comfortably moving along with what Jarvis had said to her. Jarvis spoke to her and guided her to Scotland. If that final piece of the puzzle: ‘trust your inner voice until it is no longer yours’ was revealed before the Scotland anomaly, she would have never gone. But she did and she saw Jarvis at the brink of Resistance and Enlightenment. Until that moment passed she was willingly content with seeking the truth that was laid out in front of her-by Jarvis.

This shows to me at least that Klue was exposed to Enlightenment for a small while. Whatever she saw during that time made her smile. It made her happy. It sure makes me wonder: was this the path she was meant to follow all along?

Anyways, all agents who came into contact with the Glyphs were Enlightened and that’s why they were affected: because they saw what they believe is the truth.

Let this sink in for a while. Comment below and discuss. Don’t be afraid-the floodgates are open for all. Throw on your tinfoil hat and jump in.

Good luck in the field, Agents.

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  1. The Black hand is coming back and will rise we now all glyph we understand them all and we have came in contact with them to we guard the shapers …….. i am the last one left but i will die for them if i have to………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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