Jun 242013

Agent Yioishi - Level 6

Yesterday was a special day for me. A milestone, really. It was an achievement of staying alive for 365 days, because that is all what a birthday means to me. And although I said to myself: “Not too many friends this year, just a small private party.”, my living room was filled with joyful people who were celebrating my living spree.

I do believe they only came for the beer and crackers, but I’m willing to fool myself into thinking they really came for me.

What I learned a long time ago, is that you share with friends and family on your birthday. So I’m here to share with you all as we are one big happy family now. I know a virtual beer is not really a gift, and when you have to serve your own beer in my name, well.. that wouldn’t be much of a gift either, now would it?

So here is my gift: I’m going to give you the chance to visit me in my hometown, all you have to do is buy a plane ticket and reserve a hotel room here! Not good either? Nah, I thought so. Okay this might be a good one: every agent got 5 invites and just like agent Powin, I’m willing to give them away. None of my friends wants one, because they are all lazy and “don’t want to go out to play a game”, they said.

All you would have to do is post a comment with the arguement why you should get my invite. If your comment is memorable, funny or just plain bs, you might win an invite! Yay!


In the title, I stated that I would announce a new series. The episodes will be about things I see when I go out hacking. This could be pictures about a dead bird or a car wrapped around a telephone pole. You never know.

The first picture I would like to show you is what I encountered the day before yesterday, it is a picture of a car wrapped around a pole:

(He bumped into a No-Parking Zone sign and left his car there)

That was all for today, I wish you all a great hunt for portals and a good day!

Agent Yioishi, signing out!

  7 Responses to “Ingress Birthday Special + New Series Announced”

  1. Sci-fi just intrigues Me… I’m the only one in my area interested and would love to start it up here and help recruit new agents. Also my birthday just passed and it would be a nice surprise for me. 🙂

  2. Because I tried to trade the devil one fully functioning human soul for a code but he just mumbled something about portals and resonators while poking at his phone (who’d have thought he’d be on android?) then told me to get lost.

  3. I’m on a mission, a mission to get a code to a game that I have heard so much about: Ingress. I would love one of the invites and with it I would…….take over every portal on earth…..or maybe I’m saying that wrong, I’m not sure, still trying to figure out how to play, I’ve been watching YouTube videos trying to figure it out.

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