Jun 232013

Time Zero Anomoly

Good afternoon, Ingress Agents. My name is Mustafa Said and this is Mustafa’s Musings of the Day.This is a semi-daily blog-thing in which i post up a thought that sparks my curiosity. I then open up the floodgates to allow mass discussion among Ingress Agents and truth-seekers.

So the Time Zero Anomaly is over, judging from what i’ve gathered. The Enlightened have won, making this their third straight win in a row. The Resistance are in dire need of a win right now….

Meanwhile, a Enlightened agent by the name of Richard Walden is in possession of the mysterious package that a Courier agent was supposed to pass onto Carrie Campbell. Somehow he ended up with it. I’m still trying to determine how he got it.

Now we have IQTech, Visur, and Hulong all bidding quite substantial amounts of their newest weapons in exchange for the contents of the packaage.

So here are my thoughts: these companies don’t want the best for anyone. All they want are the weapons and us agents are the tools used to get them. If they were serious about the package, they would follow Richard Walden and take it from him. This STUPID MOD BID is only an attempt to appeal to us how ‘kind’ and ‘peaceful’ they can be.

At some point their patience will run out and then what will happen?  Walden could go the route of Jarvis.

At the end of the day, we cannot trust the motives of those that are not willing to share with us the reasons for owning the package. At the end of it all, Hulong, Visur, and IQTech cannot be trusted with that package. They all all simply XM manufacturers with a common thread: the fall of the Niantic Project. After Niantic was thrust out of the picture, they were able to step out and claim what they left behind.

Overall, that package must stay in the hands of us Agents, not being thrown away into the demands of these ‘companies’.

So, that’s what i’ve got to say. As expected, there is a Part II coming soon.

Comment and discuss down below. Don’t be afraid-the floodgates are open for all.

Until next time, Good Luck in the field, Ingress Agents.

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