Jun 222013

Mustafa's Musings of The Day

Good afternoon, Ingress Agents! My name is Mustafa Said and this is a brand new segment on the Ingress Guide called Mustafa’s Musings of the Day. This is a semi-daily blog-thing in which i post up a thought that sparks my curiosity. I then open up the floodgates to allow mass discussion among Ingress Agents and truth-seekers.

So, a bit about myself: I’ve been doing this for about a month and a half now. I’m a new Ingress Agent here and I’m very excited to be doing this. I’m 19 and live in Kansas. No Scanner whatsoever-everything i talk about is due to lots and lots of research.

Once again, I’m very excited for what is to come and i hope you guys are too! I’ll be posting as much as i can but i don’t have a definite schedule yet. I’ll let you all know as soon as i can.

Also, i run this blog as a public Community on G+ so go check it out! Tomorrow I’m Musing over the Time Zero Anomaly expected to happen in London so don’t miss it!

So with that all done, the floodgates are open. Don’t be afraid-comment and discuss below.

Signing off for the Musings of the Day, I’m Mustafa Said!

Good Luck in the field, Ingress Agents!

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