Apr 102013

Ingress Power Cube

So while not much has been done with the website over the last few months we have still been slowly gaining followers throughout our various social media outlets and as of today we have been added to the circles of over 3,000 people on Google+.  To celebrate we’re giving away 3 Ingress Activation Codes. 

Now a lot has happened over the last month + in Ingress and we’ve been trying to keep up with it as best we can, unfortunately we haven’t been able to make any posts here regarding that information.    We’re not sure how much interest there will be in another Activation Code contest as over the last month Ingress has given out invites to everyone over level 6 and then again to everyone over level 2.   So anyone who was above level 6 has been given 2 invites, which means and influx of new players.  They have also released tens of thousands of new portals into the world to help even out the playing field, along with a new item being released in the last update that should prove interesting to say the least.

Now with all of our RaffleCopter giveaways we have some things that must be said prior to entering.

We validating and verifying our winners on not only that the entry they won from is valid but that all of their entries are valid and they aren’t trying to cheat.   So please, be honest and know that we have ways to catch you if you do cheat.  We want these codes to go to people who are honest.

If you don’t have Twitter but follow us on Google+ Just put “Google+” in place of your Twitter Username and we’ll verify your name on Google+ if you are picked as a winner.  So, please make sure that the name you use matches your name on Google+.  Also for the “Tweet about this contest” all you have to do is publicly post about the contest with a link to this post somewhere on the web and provide us a link to to that post in the tweet URL field.  This is different from Link to our website as it is specific to the contest and the contest post.

The Contest will be running for just over a week and will end next Friday at midnight with winners being announced that Friday morning.   Good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  12 Responses to “Celebrating 3,000 Circles with Another Activation Code Contest”

  1. mi piacerebbe un sacco giocare a ingress…adoro la realtà aumentata e penso che dovrebbero esserci più giocatori dalle mie parti-trento italia-
    i’ll love ingress…i love a.r. and i think they aren’ t people who play ingress in trento, italy

  2. I love augmented reality games, and I’m super excited to try out Ingress!

  3. I am from Puerto Rico and travel all across the US. I am super excited to capture a few portals linking to Puerto Rico all the way from Florida, Georgia, Texas, or New York even.

    Come on, let’s make some history!!!

  4. Hooray!

  5. I am from an island in the south of Brazil, I have explored all the corners of this islands during the last months and I am sure I’ve found several portals all over the place, with no sign of people from the resistance around. This is the chance the Enlightened has to recruit a new soldier to control and protect this area!

  6. I like that you can actually move around outside.

  7. Hey, I totally want to make Ingress alive in my city. I can’t wait to invite my friends, too!

  8. I Like That’s Its So Much Different Than.Any Other Game!

  9. hm.. I sure do hate these stupid contests. Get over yourselves and just hand them out.


  11. What interested me the most is competition with people I everyday

  12. Gotta say… I’m really excited about this game! It sounds like Rift/The Secret World right in your pocket!

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