Jan 302013

Ingress Merchandise Now Available

The last few days have been extremely busy for the people at Niantic Labs @ Google.  There was a new update to the Ingress App, then there was some Ingress T-Shirts put up on the Google Store as well as a new campus agent recruiting campaign. 

First off yesterday on Google Play a new version of the Ingress App was released.  The new version is 1.20.0 and the fixes are as follows:

Version 1.20
* Bug fixes.
* Rendering improvements.
* User setting to enable/disable email notifications.

There is also one change that some people have noted that previously when you had a portal targeted it would auto select the portal when you got in range.  It no longer appears to be doing that.  If this was an unintended bug and something that they just fixed or what we’re not sure but that should be noted if you relied on that to tell you when you were in range of a portal.


Then this morning was there several Ingress T-Shirts added to the Google Store.   Looks like right now you have your choice of 3 designs, the Ingress Symbol, Ingress Resistance Symbol and Ingress Enlightened Symbol.    Available in your standard sizes, act fast because they are limited numbers of them in stock.


Finally, something else that came across this morning is that Ingress appears to be recruiting Campus Agents.  So if you are an active college student that attends a campus school then Ingress is looking for you to become a Campus Agent.

A campus agent is responsible for setting up meet-ups, scouting new portals, and what we find most interesting is they set up dead drops for inactive agents.  Meaning they will be given the ability to drop off Activation codes for other people to find.   In return for their services they receive exclusive Ingress gear as well as direct access to Niantic personnel.

There are requirements obviously and you may have to verify that you are an actual student, but if you are then it sounds like a great opportunity to get involved and get some exclusive goodies.

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