Jan 242013

Hidden Link

New Contest is live and to get it started you will need to find the code hidden within the image above. Once you have found the code you are on your way to a Journey that will test your knowledge and your ability to decode and decipher and solve riddles.

What you do with the code you find hidden in the text is something that you’re going to have to look closely into the source to figure out because that’ll be your base to go on.

You will be tested, and it will be a difficult road ahead.

At the end of your journey you will be given a code that must be emailed to us to receive your Activation Code.

We will only be giving away 1 activation code, so the first person to email us the correct code will win it.

Good Luck, and have fun!

As we try to do here are the strings from the image.






  16 Responses to “A Journey Begins. New Activation Code Contest”

  1. Do you have any hints on how to start? Am I looking for a phrase? A number sequence? A word?

  2. I think it is OWJiNjE5

  3. Guau… you got a winner?

  4. The image and the list of strings are not the same.
    The sequence ‘jwpbDiC’ appears twice in the image but not in the strings. Why?

  5. I’m stuck at level 7. I decoded the morse based on the international morse code and it’s not working. Double checked with the Cipher Tools and tried everything forward and backwards. Can you please confirm that the solution is correctly setup?

  6. We have our winners. We had 2 people solve it within minutes of each other. Decided to give away two codes as one of them should have had it far before. 

  7. Already a used?

  8. Whats code activity neww 2013 feb 15 ?

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