Jan 232013

Giveaway Type Poll Results

Our first poll was a success and with the poll closed now and the results tallied we have our next giveaway method!

At the top of the list with 25 out of 69 total votes was Decoding Puzzle.  Coming in second with 14 votes was Scavenger Hunt.

Here are all the results:

  • Decoding Puzzle: 25
  • Scavenger Hunt: 14
  • RaffleCopter Drawing: 12
  • Random Page Viewing: 12
  • Other (Please Comment): 4
  • User Submitted Content Contest 2

So we are hoping that tomorrow we’ll have a decoding puzzle for everyone.  Look for a post tomorrow morning with more information.   We are going to use the time we have remaining today to make it challenging and worthwhile to earn an activation code.   We are also going to try and make it easy enough so it doesn’t take a super sleuth to figure out.  As you can imagine this is going to be rather difficult which is why we are spending quality time with it.

Meanwhile we have posted a new poll for those of you who are interested in giving us your opinions.

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