Jan 212013

We have a few more activation codes to give away for Ingress and we’re running into the problem of we are not sure of the best way to give away these codes.  So we’re asking for your help.

The Website has been updated with a poll over on the left side that we would like your input on.  We have started the poll with several of our current ways we’ve given away activation codes but if you have something else to add please comment on this thread and we’ll get it added.  (As long as it isn’t ‘give it to me’)

If you have any other questions about Ingress make sure to check out our Ingress Question and Answer post.

We look forward to seeing what you all would like to see for the next contest!

  16 Responses to “Poll Added: How Should We Give Away our Next Activation Codes”

  1. A decoding puzzle is the best way to ensure that people entering the beta stage of the game are smart enough to understand it quickly…

  2. Just randomly pick one from the list where every e-mail submit goes? I’m trusting my odds.

  3. i think a scavenger hunt would be better as ingress requires the players to be active and travel around.. what i would suggest is make the participants travel around either looking for existing portals or sending candidate portals .. you could ask them to enable geo tagging of the photos and check which participant traveled the most ! ofcourse this would require a great deal of effort in finding the winners but atleast youd be sure of giving the code to people whod actually be active ! oh yeah n i think youd want em to be in the photos as well so that they dont cheat 😛 🙂

  4. Give to us to extended to someone else as an invitation; I have several friends that will like to play with me, or against me.

  5. I think that a raffle would be a good choice because anyone who enters can have an equal chance of getting the activation code.

  6. Just give it to me please, i deserve it 🙂

  7. Give one away to the author of the best answer to this question?

  8. coded message to Ingress agent:

    wheN the sun is hiGh … the poRtal will open … I have to entEr. birdS are Sleepy now.
    Coming tO this siDe of thE world. hoPe the Lights arE senSitive Enough.

    agent a.

    and like our leader says *capital letters count*

  9. I think you should consider those locations that are “dead” in game. I’m the only player within 25 minutes of where I live, so everything is a lovely, but unchanging blue. A couple more agents near me… even slightly misled would make the game more fun.

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