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Ingress Question Mark

So whether you are playing Ingress or sitting on the side lines waiting for an activation code you likely have some questions regarding the game itself.  We’ve been trying to answer individual questions as they come in on specific pages and thought why not create a thread for any questions you might have.

So that is what we’re doing here.  If you have a question that you would like answered post it in the comment thread here and we’ll do our best to answer it as quickly as possible.  Know an answer to someone else’s question?  Please click reply and answer for us!

Your questions can be anything related to Ingress or Ingress Guide.  Please keep in mind that we are not affiliated with Google and we can only do our best to answer your questions from a player standpoint.

If your question is regarding when we will be giving away another activation code or how you can get an activation code from us then the answer is  wait till tomorrow.

Please try and skim through the questions quickly to ensure that you are not asking something that has already been asked.  Also make sure you check out the individual pages for answers to common questions and see some of the questions that have already been asked and answered there.

  75 Responses to “You’ve Got Questions About Ingress, We’ve Got Answers”

  1. What is it that Niantic labs is using to decide where XM is placed on the map? Some areas are dead and others are very hot spots (like for example cell phone stores seem to have a lot of XM around them).

    • Some have theorized/hinted that XM is heavy cell usage areas. It’s hard to really determine for sure as sometimes it does seem random (for instance there is a heavy XM pocket in the middle of a subdivision) but it does seem to heavily focus around portals and business locations as well.

      • It seems to regenerate in the same spots, so I’m assuming they took a map of cell phone calls at a certain point in time. The cell towers need to triangulate the point of origin when the call is made to determine which tower to use, so you could turn that into map points. People make calls in front of businesses and at stop lights. A cell phone research location near RDU in NC was seen with an enormous block and you could sit and recharge every portal you have a key to 100% if you load up ingress at O’hare airport. It’s especially amusing how it lines up just outside each gate to where people sit on a plane roughly.

        There is one house in my subdivision which is inordinately large XM so I’ve been tempted to go knock on their door and ask if their family uses cell phones a lot… then it was pointed out that for all I know when the snapshot was taken perhaps a family member died there.

        • It does make you wonder, but cell phone usage seems to make the most sense and it is possible that those houses could just be a location issue or that it could just be a house that does use their cell phone a lot, maybe a business.

          • How about the idea of people Running around town leaving XM behind… I mean, the game’s story provides a good explanation to what XM is, so what if the routes people follow have more XM on them than others?

  2. Question from Google+: “Why would I want to “drop” any item? I stupidly dropped a portal key before realizing how important they are when I hacked my first portal upon getting my invite code. is it only to make inventory space?”

    • One reason is sharing items with another player. The only way to share an item with another player is to drop it and have them pick it up.
      It’s also useful for getting rid of items that serve little to no purpose to you. (media, low level items or keys for locations you never plan to visit again).
      Prior to item decay people used it as a way to pick up multiple keys or keep a ‘stash’ of items for other players to come get or to keep their inventory clear. 

  3. The faction I joined dominates my city and it presents very little opportunity to do anything to gain AP. Is my only feasible option to give up my progress (lv 3) and items in a faction change? Will anything be added or changed that would be reason for me to stay the same as everyone else?

    • Don’t give up the fight!

      When you are out numbered tactics are more important than ever. It’s more important than ever to stay organized too. Try and find a local group for where you are at for your faction and try and team up with other players. Also remember that you get AP for attacking enemy portals whereas the enemy doesn’t get any AP for just hacking a controlled portal.

      • I think you misread my comment. My city is all the same faction as me. Trying to create fields before other people get to them is limited. I think my only option is to give up my progress and items and change factions. Are there any reasons I shouldn’t make the switch? Thanks.

        • Did misread sorry.

          If you don’t have any friends or family that are currently playing on that faction then no there is really no reason you shouldn’t make the switch other than having to level again. But sounds like it may not be to hard.

        • If your team is dominating that’s a good thing. Hack your local area to build up on keys and link everything together. Sooner or later the other team will see it and attack.. and your team will need to defend and put it back together… good thing you’ve got all those keys ready to make the area full of fields again!

  4. There is a lot of duplicated or wrongly localized portals on the map. I’m using the form for report this problems but no rectification yet. When do you plan clean the map, if at all?

    • We can not answer that as we are not affiliated with the people over at Niantic Labs. Please keep in mind that they are going to be going through a lot of requests and issues. We have heard reports of duplicated portals being removed already so assume that it will be resolved eventually. They are probably just very back logged.

  5. Can you only attack enemy portals.

  6. is there any documentation listing approximately how many XMP of any particular level it takes to take down a portal of a particular level. (for example 10 XMP4 to take down a LVL4 portal vs 20 XMP3 to take down the same portal)

    • There are a lot of factors that go into that. How close are resonators to each other. How close are the players to the resonators.

      Unfortunately, it isn’t very straightforward so we don’t know of any documentation that exists.

    • ‘Ingress Portal Calc’ for android will tell you the max resonator capacity and each level burster damage. Where you stand is also important, but those are your starting numbers if you do it perfect.

  7. can you summarize the ingress storyline so far?

  8. I don’t have the game on my phone but my friend does and we played it for 6 hours while he was in town.

    Here are some questions that came up.

    Why are portals located at post offices?
    How is the playing field going to be leveled once the game is out of beta mode?
    Are the people who are working on this beta aware that some locations are inconvenient to access? (Seriously, one portal we found was in a gated public school parking lot.)

    • We can only assume portals are located at Post Offices and Libraries because each town has them, they are publicly accessible and easy for Google to find.

      As far as leveling the playing field goes from what we understand there isn’t going to be any type of reset button that will be hit. Now that still may happen but it’s really hard to say for sure.

      Bad portal locations they are only made aware of if they are reported. So it needs to be reported, which doesn’t require beta access.

  9. I just got my activation code via email, but the app hasn’t asked me to enter it. I’m at home and I haven’t been able to collect enough XM to complete the training mission yet. Do I have to finish that first or am I missing something?

    • If the invite went to the same email that you you used to log into the App then that is something that has been seen before.

      As far as the training missions go you can quit them. Go into the Ops menu and then to the Mission tab and click on the one you are currently on and click ‘Abort’.

      You can come back and finish it later if you want but it is more or less to teach you how to play the game currently.

  10. Please send me the code to activate the game, ipmrgroup@gmail.com

    • If we had activation codes to send to everyone who asked us for one then we’d be far more popular than we are. Unfortunately we don’t and we still get 2-3 Requests a day for codes.

  11. From Google+: Why is level 8 the highest you can go? Will that change anytime soon?

    • We assume that Level 8 is just the current level cap and that it will go up as the game evolves. As far as when/if that will actually happen and what additional items it’ll unlock that is not something we can answer. 

  12. From Google+: Will there other goals than ‘just’ fighting over Mind Unit Control?

    • As the story line evolves there will hopefully be other global goals for each faction and as some have suggested event the possibility of additional factions coming into play. It’s hard to say where the game will go as it is an ARG it’s constantly going to be evolving. 

  13. From Google+: Will it some time be possible to “zap/attack” another user if you see an enemy?

    • We have suggested something similar to this to the people over at Niantic Labs, but not directly attacking people, more setting traps for them. Directly being able to Zap/Attack people could lead to harassment which could result in physical conflicts. 

      • From Google+: Thanks for the quick reply, second thought, you’re right, it wouldn’t end well 😉

        But I like your idea of a trap (trap-mine… if somebody walks behind you)… or maybe a Fake-Portal and if somebody attacks it, it will blow itself and you lose some XM.

        Another Question, do you think you still should catch as many AP as possible even if you are L8 already? In the meaning that if there sometimes will be higher levels, that you get upgraded right away?

        • If you enjoy playing the game it can’t hurt to continue gaining AP after level 8. Level cap or not it should be about the enjoyment of the game!

          • I have a friend that knows some level 8s and he said the AP meter disappears, so you can’t keep gaining. It makes it so level 8 is there to take over mind units with planned attacks and help their team, not focus on being the one making the links and dropping the resonators (except the L8 ones). Your role on the team changes when you don’t care about AP anymore.

          • Yes but you still gain AP and they may still increase the level cap. Time will tell, maybe you don’t gain more AP and that’ll be their way of leveling things out when it goes live.

  14. From Google+: Are there any plans to evolve the intel map? Perhaps to display current inventory or portal keys that a player has? Or maybe show real time attack data graphically

    I would love to have a way to export my portal key location info to a spreadsheet. It would do wonders for upkeep.

    Or, on the intel map, show portals that I have keys for in a different color?

    just suggestions, but the question remains. are their any plans to upgrade the ingress/intel map that we use. 

    • We have made that suggestion to Niantic Labs already. Us working stiffs would really love to be able to do more from our desk jobs when it comes to Ingress than just plan out attacks. Hopefully, they give us something but in all reality the game is for phones, not web browsers.

      • Don’t despair, even from a computer you can be useful to your team! I spent a good hour one night playing ” eye in the sky” for my team, letting them know which portals were cornerstones of fields so they could maximize their damage to the opposing forces. A phone’s tiny screen( even my galaxy s3) does not always show you the whole picture, you never know when you are just a block away from something huge that you can take down…I filled that role for them and then joined in the fun when my phone was recharged.

  15. Are there “undiscovered portals” out there that do not appear on the intel maps? I know that I can submit locations for portals, but Is it possible that I could be walking along and find a portal that no one has seen yet?


    • Not that we are aware of. Based on game mechanics one could assume that any portals that show up in game would also show up on the intel map. But it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

  16. i live in a really low key city in India called Nagpur…i hv been playing the game for a little under a week n i still hvnt been able to find a portal…any advice?

  17. I’m not sure if this is limited to just me, but I have just started Ingress, yesterday. I finished the training and all, and I was trying to interact with some of the people in the chat, however, when I hit ‘ transmit ‘ for some reason nothing is well, transmitted, so I’m not able to talk to anyone, despite the range. I know the game is still in Beta, and I can understand that there’s many issues the developers may be facing with the huge volume of requests, etc. If there’s anything that anyone knows regarding my issue, I’d be incredibly grateful for any help offered.

    Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

  18. Hello, I know you are not affiliate with Nianc project, but do you know if there is a community to approve new portals submission ?
    I think is very hard to few peoples approve all world portals submissions.
    I know google maps is supported for voluntaries.

  19. Can Ingress be played in South Africa?

  20. What is the best method to give a game suggestion to Nianc? Tagging the 4 people in a google+ circle? Is there a form somewhere?

  21. I’m trying to play the game, but the whole screen is black. I downloaded the game and started it, but then something came up so i had to turn it off before i could really do anything. How do i fix this?

    • I would suggest trying to clear the application data.

      Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Ingress -> Clear Data

      This may vary slightly dependent on your phone but give that a shot as it will solve most problems.

  22. If I changed my agent id would my ap be gone? I’m level seven already.

  23. As a newbie, not sure about this part. Do we hack just are enemies or anyone?

  24. I change my gmail account nick, and now my progress in Ingress gone,, sorry for mi english. Any help ???

    • I’m not sure that there is anything that can be done unfortunately. If you still have the other account then I would add that account to your phone and use that to log into Ingress with since Ingress is tied to your account and not to your phone.

      If you don’t have access anymore it’s going to probably be impossible for you to regain your progress but it might be worth contacting Ingress Support.

  25. Hi – will all my progress from the beta version, be lost when Ingress goes live?

  26. I was wondering how long it takes to get your ingress name changed. Because I tried to get it changed and I have been waiting for over a month now. I have not got any response from Google whether my name is changed or if they will not change my name.

    • I’m not sure exact time frame that it takes but remain patient. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Niantic Labs is a small sub-section of Google so they are doing what they can with what resources they have.

  27. Is there a way to request attack notifications for a node i do not have any resonators on? I do have a key to remote recharge. Our local group has some central nodes that need to be defended and being able to get lots of help quick would be nice..


  28. Any idea why it seems to be taking extra long for portals to go active? I have submitted 8 different portals since July 31 and received the appropriate acknowledgement that they were received…but that is it. Nothing more about their being accepted, declined or whatever. Three months seems a bit ridiculous!!

    • Niantic receives a large number of portal submissions and has to manually verify them all. Unfortunately, this is very time consuming and is something that they try to go through as best as they can.

  29. When you change your name will the missions you created be removed or it would only change the name of its creator?

    • The missions will not be removed if you change your codename. The missions will remain but under the name of the new codename.

  30. Im out invitation to play ingress how i get more invitationto play ingress

  31. we are no longer able to submit new portals.
    what will happen to the submissions that are still pending?
    its almost a year now and i still got 500+ portals pending.
    did niantic delete them?

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