Jan 112013

Activation Code Contest Winning Window

So far since we’ve started this contest we’ve given away 5 Codes and we’d like to thank everyone whose helped us by letting us know when a code was activated or already used.   With that being said we wanted to give some updates on our contest and what we be going on with it over the weekend. 

Starting soon we will be pushing out a new code.   Along with that new code we are making some minor adjustments to the contest engine.

  • The first change is that the threshold between valid entry periods is going to be lowered.   We won’t tell you to what and rapid F5ing isn’t going to help you any still but taking time navigating around the site should be more prosperous.
  • Secondly we are going to be increasing the odds of winning a code pretty drastically.
  • We will be doing our best to put out a new code when we receive word that one has been used.  If you are shown a code and it doesn’t work please let us know.  We may not be able to replace it right away so please bear with us.
  • We will be giving out a set number of codes this weekend, one they are used up it’s done.

On Monday we will be shutting this contest down, for good and will be giving 3 more codes away next week via puzzles and decoding challenges.

Good Luck!

  10 Responses to “New Updates to Our Random Activation Code Contest”

  1. hmm so im new here do i gota sign up or just check back here

  2. I want to play with my best friend. Please let me join his cause. 🙂

  3. Here’s a great question….or at least I think it’s a great question. I got one of the “You’ve Won” messages, and when I entered the code, I got the “Activation Code validation failed” error. I have followed the instructions on the “You’ve Won” notification, and forwarded the details to Administrator@IngressGuide.com. Here’s the question:

    If it turns out that I can’t get another code by emailing the administrator email and letting them know, does the API that is used for the contest now trigger that my browser has already won an activation code? Or can I continue browsing and still have another chance?

  4. I cant wait to get a chance to play. How do I get to a chance to get a code. How does it work.

  5. i want a ingress code, how do i get .???

  6. Please i need one invite for ingress, kindly email 🙂

  7. I live in colorado and I am always all over the state. I am sure if I could play #ingress I could help the alliance out a great deal. After all this is where norad is and this is all military state. I would really love a #ingressinvite.

  8. Wait, so how can we actually win a code? I just found out about this, and i’m so excited. I really wanna get my hands on this now!

    • It was a random chance every time you visited a page on this site that you would see the contest window with an activation code.

      We’re shutting it down today though in favor of more challenging contests. Also ones that we can monitor better to keep track of when someone actually receives the activation code for use.

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