Dec 312012

Activation Code Contest Code

So over the weekend we only put out one code.    We didn’t receive an email until this morning alerting us that the code had been used although once we reviewed the logs it had been shown to 6 people!  So congrats to whoever got to it first!

With that being said, we took the code down and are pushing out another one as this post is being made.  We did make some update to the code however and following soon after this post will be our first encoded clue that will greatly increase your chances of receiving a code (from 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 10).  You just have to figure out how to decode our clue and use it as part of the randomization contest.

Why are we doing this?  Well we expected more codes to be used over the weekend for one, and for two Ingress and the Niantic project uses a lot of coded clues to help determine passcodes that will help you play the game and give you bonuses.  We are encoding our clue the same way (and trying to make it easy) so that you can start playing along for a chance to really play along.

Good Luck

  2 Responses to “New Activation Code Pushed Out”

  1. I like the content you have produced … as much as I can tell, not being in the game yet, it looks complete & helpful.

    Do you understand the difference between encoded messages for people in a game & encoded messages for people just wanting to get into the game?

    Please take a step back & really look at your posts & plans from the perspective of your potential audience.

    On one hand you are making the game more accessible by making guides …. on the other hand you are holding out a promise of getting into the game, but making the barriers to entry harder then they could be.

    There is no way I am going to spend my precious time and energy in really working on getting into Ingress, unless the activity is also fun for me. I’ve made a couple images because making those images was creative & fun. I am sure for some figuring out encoded messages (especially since they’ve never done it within ingress — because they don’t gave the game yet — ) would be fun … maybe … maybe

    I’m not even seeing an article about determining coded clues on ….

    I hope this helps & I hope one day I do get an activation code, but what you are proposing does not seem to really be helping you achieve your goals. If I am wrong then just ignore this … you are getting what you want & that is great. If you are *NOT* getting what you want, then you might want to revisit this idea & restart from the perspective of someone who is *NOT* in Ingress (assuming that is who you want the codes to go to).

  2. I found that the gsme was a big bang for games history

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