Dec 282012

So we’ve just got done analyzing the logs from our first activation code randomized give away and we are making some tweaks and decided it would be a good time to let everyone know how this contest works.  

First of all you are eligible to win just by visiting any page on  All pages/posts have a little bit of JavaScript on them that will ping an API that we have developed.   This API will randomly determine if you win and if an actual activation code should be returned.  If an activation code is returned then a modal dialog window will be displayed showing you the code and instructions on what to do with it.

Some important things to know:

  • Only one activation code is active at a time.  Meaning if someone else has seen it before you then they will be the ones who get it.  Just because you see the winner dialog does not mean you won. 
  • Our API caches your IP and ‘drawing’ result for several minutes.  Meaning you will NOT gain anything by quickly navigating through pages or spam refreshing a page.
  • We are heavily monitoring the logs and will block/ban the IP of anyone who attempts to abuse the contest to receive a code.
  • Your chances of winning are the same no matter how many pages you view
  • The page you are viewing has no effect on your chances of winning (but may in the future)
  • We will continue to tweak the chances of a code being shown as well as the amount of time your entry will be cached based on data from our logs.

With that being said and the first activation code being claimed we are going to be pushing out a new code (as well as some modifications) to our Contest API.

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  3 Responses to “Insight Into How Our Activation Code Random Contest Works”

  1. Nice

  2. I gathered quite intrresting information regarding Joe Philly, Brandon Badger, Brian Rose and Anne Beutten M”uller. I hear they are the souce, but is sharing such intelligence bad? #ingressinvite.

  3. Cool!

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