Dec 192012

Ingress Passcode Christmas

It would appear today that the folks over at Niantic Lab decided to add in a new way for retrieving passcodes that has allowed for well over a hundred passcodes to be discovered today alone.

If you are not familar with Passcodes head over to our section on the site.  Passcodes are typically derived from the daily clues posted on, however today there was a clue related to potato chips and it would appear that the UPCs of these specific chips serve as the passcodes for serving up great amounts of booty for those who are lucky enough to get them entered before they are redeemed.

This would make it appear that they are trying to load test the passcode system or do some other sort of testing related to passcodes just due to the sheer number that are showing up.

If you want to try and keep up with the Passcodes as they are being discovered I would say stick close to the DeCode Ingress Community on Google+

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  1. Invite me please I need a play

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