Dec 072012

As with most massive player games it’s more fun to play with a friend.  That’s hard right now as invites are random and the ability to invite your friends is not available yet in game.  Well we could use your help, and in return we’ll give you an activation code that you can use to let you friend play.  

You may or may not have noticed but with regards to content on the site so far we’re falling behind.  You see here’s the problem, this site is ran by several professionals as a hobby and lately our work, and what keeps our lives going, has made it very difficult to play the game and get time to enter in content.  This is where your help comes in, we need people to help us submit content for the site.   In return we’ll be giving the best content submitter an Ingress Activation Code that they can give to their friends.

Here is an outline of the content we are looking for the site.

  • What is Ingress
    1. The Enlightened
    2. The Resistance
    3. Exotic Matter XM
    4. Mission
    5. Communications
    6. Intel Map
    7. Strategy
  • Leveling
  • Portals
    1. Locating
    2. Creating
    3. Hacking
    4. Deploying
    5. Leveling
    6. Linking
    7. Recharging
    8. Defending
    9. Upgrading
    10. Attacking
    11. Decay
  • Items
    1. Portal Keys
    2. Mods
      1. Resonators
      2. Shields
      3. Turrets
    3. Weapons
      1. XMP Bursters
    4. Media
    5. Dropping
  • Passcodes

How to enter is write up some content for one (or multiple) of the categories mentioned above and email it to use at If none of those categories are something that you are familiar with we are also welcoming guest blog posts.  Along with all content you submit please make sure you include your name you wish to be displayed and a URL that you would like to have linked to if we use your content.  Please be advised that by sending us an email with your content included you are giving us the right to use your content even if you are not chosen as the winner of the best user submitted content.  Please make sure that all submitted content is unique and not ripped off from another site.

Our Judging Criteria will be as follows:

  • Most In-Depth
  • Best Detail
  • Humor
  • Grammar/Spelling/Format

Any other questions please feel free to post here and we’ll do our best to answer.

  8 Responses to “It’s More Fun To Play With a Friend”

  1. If invites by Google are scarce (I finally got mine after a month), and the ability to invite from within the game is disabled (sucks because my boyfriend wants to play), how are *you* getting codes?

  2. How do you add friends that are already using Ingress?

    • You can’t. There is currently no ‘friend’ ability inside of the game or for that matter grouping in any way.

  3. I was wondering if there is a friends ability now or do i just have to work with people i know?

  4. Is this feature still unavaliable??? I am new to this.

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