Nov 242012

We have been amazed by the response of our first two contests.  So much so that Thanks to a little help we’ve found a couple more activation codes to give away. So starting on 11/25/2012 at midnight EST our next giveaway will begin and will end on 11/29/2012 at midnight EST. Continue reading below for more information and how to enter.

If you haven’t already, make sure that you also sign up for an invite at and/or

Don’t have Twitter? Just follow us on Google+ and put “Google+” in place of your Twitter Username. Please make sure that the name you use matches your name on Google+.  Also for the “Tweet about this contest” all you have to do is publicly link back to this contest somewhere on the web and provide us a link in the tweet URL field.

We will be verifying all winners, so make sure you fill out all the information and do what is asked.

Also the Tweet about this contest can be done once each day of the contest so make sure you come back tomorrow.

Good Luck

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  124 Responses to “New Ingress Activation Code Contest”

  1. Hills Ingress

  2. Hola Ingress

  3. Can’t wait!

  4. I so want an activation code!

  5. Hey I love your games and have been playing them for a long time thanks for all the great content keep it coming

  6. I’m actually his wife and I recently received an invite and he really wants to play this awesome game with me so I’m hoping he gets an invite.

  7. Nice contest!

  8. I’m excited about dominating my city for the Enlighted. My cousin already has Ingress and I can’t wait to join him in portal hunting.

  9. I’m excited for actually walking around my city instead of being inside all the time!

  10. Really interesting concept for a game….. Intriguing!

  11. The fact that this is a live game, with eventually thousands of people playing, in the town where you live is probably the coolest thing ever. This game forces you to connect with that town in a new way (IE forcing you to take different routes). An augmented reality game sounds badass, but one that you can play just by using your phone? Now that’s an technological upgrade.

  12. Maybe this time I’ll win?

  13. Have you seen the picture I sent you of the Lewisham Time Portal?

  14. activation codeee please!

  15. Location based gaming WTF!

  16. I just want a key so badly so I have a reason to get out my house and explore. I would be so into this game if I could play it.

  17. For what I’ve seen this is amazing game slash reality I would love the opportunity to be part of it as an enlightening person beautiful graphics make me really think I’m looking forward to it all I gotta say is good job everyone excellent excellent performance above and beyond the norm thanks again John

  18. Thanks for hosting this.

  19. I need that code.

  20. Great idea hopefully we can all come together and save humanity!

  21. please… give me an activation code… pleaseeeeee

  22. strategic gameplay and critical thinking

  23. strategic gameplay and critical thinking

  24. Good!! I hope)

  25. I hope to receive one

  26. My turn !! Please 😛

  27. Come on, Ingress! I’m very excited about this game and the lack of invitations is killing me.

  28. just looking forward on a AR based awesome game like this one…

  29. I want to play this game because it gives me a reason to explore new places in my city and get new friends interested in gaming. It gets kids out in the real world and working together!

  30. I just wanna play ingress!

  31. I’ve been waiting for that!

  32. Will be interesting playing a game made by Google, see what they can actually do.
    Really got my hopes up for this one

  33. Viva la Resistance!, I lost important opportunities during my last trip to Prague, I can help the Resistance, they need my help!

  34. I want to ride my bicycle around town to play with INGRESS

  35. I can’t wait to bring Enlightenment to my region!

  36. I want to fight for using the energie. The Resistance don´t know this is a very big chance for the humans they´re scared because of somthing new. But the Energie just want to help us, it takes nerds out of their homes and maybe will give me the ability to write English.

  37. Need it soon, before I die.

  38. I want an activation key plz ! I wanna play ingress!

  39. I can’t wait to get into the field with my daughter’s to defend the human race together and too make day trips even more fun 🙂

  40. Ingress mania!

  41. I hope I get an invite! I want to explore the city I’m in, and meet others doing the same!

  42. cant wait!!!

  43. I need to join the #resistance 😀

  44. Can’t wait to play! Love the concept of gaming meets exploring meets real world!

  45. ingress………………………1011011110010101001110101010100010101010001100101010010101010101010101101111101000000111110101010101010101010111110101010001

  46. I wanttttt

  47. Hey,
    Interesting game that Google made and hope to be the winner to have invited soon.


  48. I like the exploration and alternate reality aspects of Ingress.

  49. Cool!!

  50. Can’t wait for ingress awesomeness!

  51. Can’t wait! Hope to get an invite soon! 😀

  52. I really like interesting things… and this one seems to be it

  53. This looks like an awesome game, I hope a code will come my way soon… 🙂

  54. Would love to get an invite. Been waiting for a couple weeks.

  55. #resistance!!!!

  56. Great ideia! I need a activation code for help the resistence on Brazil!

  57. I can’t wait!!!

  58. Hi Ingress,

  59. Game looks awesome!

  60. I wan’t play Ingress forma a secret project…

  61. Stoked!! i think the idea of bring a virtual side to real life is pretty cool. cant wait until full release. its going to be crazy.

  62. That’s the first game that makes a game to move and explore the world around

  63. I’m really looking forward to using Ingress 😀

  64. I done all the above, Now just sit and hope.

  65. I’m really hoping to get one. My city’s being overrun by the Enlightened apparently.

  66. Crossing fingers! 😀

  67. I want to see how many people are around me playing this and add portals to my town.

  68. Excited to check this out! Hope I get a code!

  69. I love games with thinked through storys 😀

  70. Power to The Enlightened!

  71. There needs to be more Resistance in the Seattle area!

  72. I have to get me one of those Ingress codes.

  73. The Enlightened could always use more recruits.

  74. Best of luck everyone!

  75. I need a invit to help my girlfriend

  76. I want to play most because the Resistance needs me and I want a reason to travel a little more!!

  77. Ingress looks so awesome. a great way to get people out and exercising (shhhh dont tell anyone!)

  78. now to hope for the invite

  79. Saw this on my friend’s blog and fell instantly in love.

  80. I am so addicted!

  81. I have been following the game for a few weeks now and the longer I look into it themore I wantto play.the game looks awesome and I want to join in

  82. I’d really like an activation code, please.

  83. Comment!

  84. I’ve been trying to get an invite for some time now. The game looks so immersive, and being a geocacher, this seems right up my alley!

    If nothing else, I’ve converted 5 iPhone users to GS3s in the last month! That should earn me an Ingress invite!!

  85. This is like the fight between the Templars and the Assassins, but (almost) for real. So I definitely want to be a part of this movement.

  86. Looks like a good time. Vancouver must be saved!

  87. Hubby and I can’t wait to get invites so we can play together – and I don’t play any video games.

  88. looking forward to taking over my town!

  89. I just want to play!!!!

  90. sounds fun to add outdoors to an online game! am really looking forward to trying it out!

  91. Trying it should be very fun

  92. Ingress looks like an awesome game and I can wait to be a part of it.

  93. The Enlightened shall recapture DC!

  94. Sure, why not?

  95. What has me excited about playing Ingress the most is going out and about in my community, and exploring different areas. I also love the fact that you can hack, and establish portal, or make the portal more powerful from the enlightenment, or the resistance. I’m a Google fan, and impressed by this game that has been developed, I see this really taking off in the near future.

  96. Finally a altered/augmented reality game worth spending time to learn about .. It keeps grounded in real time locations . Infinite possibilities ……

  97. One does not simply get invited to ingress, but with this contest I will.

  98. I think Ingress would truely benifit by sending me an activation code, I am retired Air Force and now work for a Insurance Company and traveling through many states on CAT duty.

  99. I would love a key, there is only 1 person any where in eastern kentucky with a key and he’s enlightened I need to join the resistance to help combat this menace!

  100. All my Ingress Invites are belong to you

  101. Im from South Africa and I need Ingress to help other people explore this beautiful country of mine. And obviously I really want to play this game 🙂

  102. hope to get the invite

  103. I Need invite please!!!


  105. Would someone please send an invite to me

  106. Can I have a code please?

  107. I Need invite please!!!

  108. activation code, please?

  109. Please give me a code, i just want to play. Im so depressed ive been waiting for like a year

  110. Pls an activation code! 🙁

  111. My town is completely void of ingress players. My friend came to my place and is slowly taking over.

    Need activation code to provide defense to my defenseless town.

    It looks pretty entertaining.

    I ride dual sport so i can collect crystals in the most random area’s


    I dont need roads!

  112. activation code, please….

  113. Pls an activation code…i`m so excited

  114. Activation code pls.

  115. activation code please:)

  116. Please send me an invitation code, I’ll be really happy for that

  117. I also want to play but there is no code.

  118. activation code please

  119. hey there i need my code please

  120. i’m waiting it from along long time ago plz i can’t wait plzzzz

  121. I so want an activation code!

  122. You invite me for ingress??

  123. Prosím aktivačný kód! safri

  124. пришлите пожалуйста код активации

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