Creating Links between Portals is a key step toward creating Control fields to earn Mind Units and AP. To create a link between two Portals, the following conditions must apply:

  • The Origin and Destination Portals of the Link must have all eight Resonators.
  • Each Resonator must be above the Critical XM health level.
  • You must have the Portal Key for the Destination Portal.
  • The Destination Portal must be within the range of the origin Portal, as determined by the overall level of the origin Portal’s resonators.
  • The link can not pass through another link
  • The link can not create a field within another field.
  • There can be a maximum of 16 links on a portal,  8 Incoming and 8 Outgoing.

To establish the Link:

  • Stand next to the origin Portal.
  • Touch the origin Portal in the Scanner view.
  • Touch the LINK button in the Portal details view.
  • Either:
  • Touch a highlighted Portal in the Scanner view; or
  • Open the carousel of Portal Keys from the side of the Scanner view, and select a particular Portal Key for the destination Portal.
  • Touch CONFIRM to establish the Link.


  19 Responses to “Linking”

  1. your portal keys dissapears once u do this right?

    • That is correct. They recently made a chance to portal key drop rates though. We’ll have to see if they change this.

      • You lose a key after a link is created, but can you get it back by hacking the portal again?

        • Except that the drop rate for Portal Keys is no longer very high. So you do get a portal key from hacking but not all the time.

    • The portal key of the portal you’re linking to is used up, but NOT the portal key of the portal you’re initiating the link from.

  2. How can i know which is the Critical XM health level of a resonator?

  3. Is there a way to undo a link/field, it is in the way of creating a bigger one

  4. I’m pretty sure some of this info is out of date, as Project Christmas Tree in Poland had 7 overlapping control fields (all Enlightened).

    Hypothesis: It IS possible to have links pass through FRIENDLY links and control fields, but not through enemy links and control fields.

    • I believe you can cover the existing fields but cannot cut through it.

    • The nested field concept where you overlap one field with a larger one works, but I can attest that crossing any link line of either color is not possible at this date. I just contacted the “owner of a portal to plitely ask if he had any better idea than using a virus to dump the portal and give it to the enemy (we can’t atttack it) in order to get rid of a link through middle of town some new person probably set up that is about 10 km long.

  5. Do we have any idea of th range of linking portal (for some indicative levels) ?
    100m/lvl ? 1km? 10km?
    I suppose the matter is less relevant in urban areas but out there…

  6. If you link from A (origin) to B (destination) using B Portal Key, would the link be incoming or outgoing for A?

  7. Just to confirm, do you lose the destination portal key when you establish a link, so that you can neither recharge the destination portal, nor establish another link to or from the destination portal?

    • That is correct, you lose the key when establishing the link.
      Of course, you can go back to the destination portal and hack it again until you get another key for it.

      • You can also “Drop” the portal key for a given portal, hack the portal, and hopefully acquire another portal key. Then, retrieve the “Dropped” portal key and then you will have two keys for the portal.

  8. Just so people know (if they come across this old page) the limit to links going to a portal is unknown and is more than 8200, so don’t worry those portal stars you hear about are possible, you just need a lot of keys from the portal they are all connecting.

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