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Have you been searching forever and can’t seem to find any portals in Ingress?  Or have you run across a location that you think would make a good portal?  Have no fear, we have you covered with how creating a portal and portal submissions work in Ingress!

As of September 2015 there is a temporary suspension on new portal submissions while they continue to process and evaluate the backlog of current submissions. You will no longer see the NEW PORTAL option when long pressing on the Scanner. There is no date set currently for when submissions will open back up.

When Submissions are opened back up to submit a portal in game all you have to do is long click with the scanner open on the location you wish to submit a portal.

When considering a location for a portal submission there is a list of criteria that must be met for all new high-quality Portal candidates.   In addition to the criteria for creating a portal there are a lot of tips and tricks on how to get your Portal submission to be accepted.

Finally when you have a location that meets all of the above make sure that you take a clear, well lit photo for your submission that shows the subject and its immediate surroundings. This will help the Ingress team to determine if the candidate meets the acceptance criteria and will confirm that it physically can be found in the suggested location.

It is important to note that this photo does NOT have to be professional it just had to clearly show the subject of the portal.

Also, while a description is not a requirement of submission it is encouraged as the context is what often allows for the Ingress team to clearly understand how your candidate meets the acceptance criteria.

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  1. Hi,

    This is my first request for a portal creation (many will come as i’m a parisian guide.. i walk a lot… i will enligh a lot ; ) ) anyway… the first one is a symbolic one for the rival camp.. but still a good idea for a portal from my point of view.
    It’s one of the roots of the resistance in this side of Paris.. a tiny street where spanish resistant were hidden… and of course during the WW2 :

    33 Rue des Vignoles, 75020 Paris, France

    It’s always open…

  2. Is there a way to report portals that are in inappropriate locations? I have found 2, 1 is in a schoolyard and the other is in a children’s hospital. It shows up on rainy days in a building, but even with an accurate (5ft) fix, it is still on the grounds, can’t be reached from a public street, and I don’t think this is the best place for a portal. I’m willing to upload better positions, but is there a procedure for moving existing ones?

    • If you go to the New Portal Submission page and then click Contact Us -> Report an Issue with a Portal -> Portals located in the Wrong Place

      It would help them to have a GEO Tag’g image of the Portal so that they can help put it in the correct location.

  3. I’ve submitted many portal location suggestions in the last two weeks or so, does anyone know what happens when a submission is accepted (or rejected)? Does it just show up one day, or can I expect to receive an email?

  4. i have a portal key but cant set up a destination portal…what am i doing wrong? i have one orginal portal i initially set up but cant set up any more and i have a portal key.

  5. great concept too bad my closest portal is over 1000km away 🙁 game need to drop portals near players. not just by request.

  6. “Should be accessible to the public for free” – The people who created the 33 portals at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA should include a WARNING or heads up telling us that they charge $12 for parking. It’s very tricky the way they have it set up. You can just drive up to the gate, and the machine dispenses you a ticket. You pull the ticket from the dispenser and the gate opens and pull into their parking lot. You don’t know anything about it until you leave. When you drive up to the exit gates, the attendants hit you with… BOOM! $12 parking fee! Don’t lose your ticket or it’s $80!!!

  7. Is there any way to tell where portals already exist without having an Ingress account?

  8. Does Ingress create Portals on it’s own (by some kind of algorithm)? Or are all portals user submitted?

    • Yes. Its my second day playing and already figured out a fast way to level up (if you have a car). They put portals where ever there is a post office. So on google maps search post office and it will show you where all the post offices are then cross reference the intel map and to see where the poral is. It will be close by. Also search small communities that no one else has established a foot print and you will find and empty portal for sure. I have 6 on the go already and it only day 2.

  9. Hey, there’s some misinformation on this page. Portals do NOT have to be accessible to the public for FREE, there can be a fee for entry. See the FAQs here:

  10. Interesting that one of the guidelines says “Should be accessible to the public”. Yet there are many on military bases that are NOT accessible. This gives a huge advantage to those in or working for the military. IMHO, unfair & not in the spirit of the game.

    • See Number 2 above. You need to suggest an alternate site if the original is not accessible to the public.
      It’s common for a city park or parking lot to be near the main entrance of a military base. Suggest that as the site instead. Please put it more then 100 feet from fenced military property.

    • The majority of military bases are accessible to the general public. You just have to get your butt out of the car and go in the visitor center at the designated gate to receive a pass. IMHO we are entitled to certain perks for defending your freedom. If you work in the City then its unfair because you have all these portals around you when you head out for lunch. Most of mine i hit to and from physical training at 0400 in the morning. so suck it up butter cup.

    • At least in the U.S., most military bases are open to the public during duty hours. So long as you can present an i.d. they will permit entrance

  11. Is it faster to submit portals through the game one by one or all in an email?

  12. is it fine to have multiple submission of portals?

  13. I think the portals should be in the worst sections of town…..Why restrict the “dangerous” areas?…….the difference between oatmeal…………and Gumbo…..

    Besides isnt that ……..oh …oh ….I know!……I know!………DESCRIMINATION………..

    Im not sure thats how its spelled…..

    Also……it would help level the field ……give the middle class guys an edge….right now ya got a bunch of chubby I.T. guys wiggling from one civic landmark to another…..big deal…..

    Ive got a series of challenging portals sent in…..Hope they approve some of them.

  14. They need to allow or make a new game that has the same “hacking” concept but make it with companies! Any kind of stores etc…There would be way more to hack and way more action going on!

  15. Can the creator of a portal take it over? Can I submit a petal and make it mine?

  16. Can you create a portal for my hose

  17. Can I make a portal at my church? They have a preschool there too, but I have seen that most churches have a portal. Maybe I can get people to come to the portal at my church and then that can lead them to possibly join as a member or attend a service or something.

    • @ Kyle if you plan on pitching a tent & camp out near your church portal, perhaps you will spot a few agents hacking or improving it. Good Luck getting them to cease hacking to attend a churh service. GL!

    • Please don’t use this fun game as a platform to spread the mental illness that is religion. It’s already offensive enough that almost every church is a portal, meaning they are places that need to be visited in order to grow in the game.

      • Please don’t use an innocent question as a platform to make blanket insulting statements about large groups of human beings who believe something different than you do.

    • Hahahahaa cheeky you, the best outreach tactic I’ve heard in awhile.

  18. Could I get a portal set up at my school, so that I can get my friends at school to play the game?

  19. I would like a portal near me because the closest one is over a fence.

  20. Still don’t understand how to create a portal please help

  21. Still don’t understand how to create a portal please help

  22. Still don’t get how to add a new portal please help.

  23. I submitted a bunch of portals, three were accepted and most were rejected, but now I don’t get the “Submit new Portal” option when I hold down on my screen. Is there a cap, or has something gone wrong?

  24. Ingress no longer accepts portal submitions it was disabled about three months ago

  25. Ingress no longer accepts portal submitions it was disabled about three months ago

  26. hello i need help
    my device is samsung J5
    i wanna create a portal and i can`t get the NIA Super Ops on my sharing page
    my gps tag is on
    someone can tell me what`s wrong ?

  27. Why i can not create a new portal? If i tap and hold map didn’t appear “new portal”, only “fire xmp” and “navigate”. If i take a photo i dont have that option to share via “nia super ops”.
    Thanks in advance!

  28. Quiero crear mas portales en mi ciudad pero al posicionarme y mantener apretado solo me aparece las opciones de desplazamiento y de disparar

    • Desde Septiembre 2015 la opción ha sido temporalmente deshabilitada hasta nuevo aviso.
      Espero no tarde, yo me acabo de unir al juego y nunca he creado un portal.

  29. In NMB, SC I would like one to be made at Horry County Education Center. There’s a church’s near by but I’m new to the game and the resistance owns most of my area so please comply by linking it to the sign.

  30. How do I create new portals? There is no portals on some islands in Maldives and in my home island as well. So it’s bit complicated to continue. Hope the review will be processed soon.

  31. There is a very historical sight that’s were I live but has no portal’s. In fact probably the most important ones. There is a park called Constitution park. It has everything about the Constitution, bill of rights and has flag posts that say a lot. I feel like this monument should be placed and the fact there is not many out were I’m at anyways.

  32. Add a portal at 5 Bagatelle Road San Juan has open internet connection and a furniture store and is accesible

  33. Ingress- are you making any progress with getting the “submit a portal” platform back up and running? Any update would be greatly appreciated.

  34. Hi there. I’m new in creating portals and i was jus wondering how could I create one. I’ve already got a photo of an object and actual coordinates. Can anyone help? 🙂

    • If you read the post you will see that they have put requests for new portals on hold as they have a backlog. So it is disabled in the game

  35. Can anyone confirm if the option of adding new portals is ever going to return? If things go on like this, boredom will quickly set in

  36. I want to creat a portal how I’d creat that

    • Also interested

    • Quote from the article

      “”As of September 2015 there is a temporary suspension on new portal submissions while they continue to process and evaluate the backlog of current submissions. You will no longer see the NEW PORTAL option when long pressing on the Scanner. There is no date set currently for when submissions will open back up.””

    • I want to create new portal, will it open soon? How to do it?

  37. When activated creating portals so the game is boring for people like me in their city q portals ayga not … Please could enable the creation of portals …

  38. In mi city, only hace one portal, is very Hard play, needs more portals, please help for New portals in te zone

  39. Are we ever gonna open up the submissions again? I have some really good ones. We have been waiting for almost 10 months

  40. Any news about making new portals yet? It’s been quite a few months with no replies here. The game is fun, but I would also like to make new gyms in Pokemon Go as there aren’t any near me in a 5-10km range or so.

  41. Wish they make this locally chosen by the players instead of the company.

    For instance, if towns people who play ingress think their townhall has potential and agrees to make it portal, they have to gather at least certain number of votes by players (Let’s just say maybe 20 at least) to be the candidate of the new portal list and then it will be easier to go thru new portal submissions instead of taking every single requests.

    they need to find ways to narrow down the options with high demand systematically and if they already have it, hopefully they can improve the system by putting more restrictions (For EX. Higher lvl player can only submit or team with higher territory score get to choose one depends on the size of the triagle)

    But now the Pokemon Go is out, I really need to have at least few pokestops around my house because there is literally ONE stop that I have to walk 35mins at least to get 3 balls every time… and I cant just drive car all the time wasting gas but I want to play and walk…

  42. i want to make a portal here in my town because the nearest portal is located inside the resort.

  43. New Ingress player here – there are lots of portals close together in some spots; none in other spots. Would love to add some new ones if this feature ever returns. Wish it would!

  44. I want to creat a portal in rasheed (egypt)
    Pls Help me ..

  45. Can anyone Help me to Creat a portal in Rashid city in Beheira Governorate (Egypt)

  46. Could some portals in chesterfield virginia not be churches? its weird having to walk up to like 40 closed churches cause no restaurants or stores have any portals around them. there are no parks in my area and even our mall doesn’t have a portal.

  47. I would like for a portal to be submitted to my favorite small town taco place chicos i live in Salem illinois and there isn’t many portals near me

  48. Good day there is a park for local residents next to 5 Gerontius Glade, Torbay, New Zealand. Location: on google maps. The possible portal could attract locals back to the location and bring live back to it. Also no other portals are anyware near it.

  49. La cascias bakery I a staple in my community and it’s been here for about 100 years but it’s not a portals can you ease help me out it’s 418 main st Medford ma 02155

  50. La cascias bakery I a staple in my community and it’s been here for about 100 years but it’s not a portals can you please help me out it’s 418 main st Medqford ma 02155

  51. Has this not been fixed yet? Disappointed if so! How about a petition on would only need 100 signatures for parliamentary debate

  52. How can i create New portal? Its avaliable at time?

  53. I assume the backlog hasn’t shuffeld off because Niantic put all his person powers into programming of #PokemonGO. That should be based on the Portal locations so hopefully we are soon allowed to deliver to the other game new Ingress-Portals 😉

  54. Buenas, para cuando habilitaran nuevamente lo de mandar peticion para que agregen mas portales

    En Chile-Talca hace falta mas portales, mas para las zonas nuevas que tiene la ciudad.

  55. Is there any chance to allow agent(s) to create portal again? I’m living at a uphill area with a shopping mall and I must go downhill for reaching portals which made me hardly enjoy this game.

  56. Checking in on the portal situation.
    New player Here in Bonny Island, Rivers state, Nigeria.
    Would be cool if the oldest Church Building in West Africa (St. Stephen Cathedral, Bonny) can be a portal. Lot’s of colonial History here too.

    Would really love to play but can’t travel 58 Kilometers to the next town.

  57. Please activate the option to create new portals

  58. I live in India,meghalaya in north east and there are very few portals here .more probably I have seen only three portals only and they are very far from each other

  59. Ahh…and so it begins, the fast and steady decline of Ingress. Seems like the devs have their hands full with Pokemon. Guess Ill just switch to the new kid on the block.

  60. We need more portal!!!! Please!!!

  61. I already tired to find a portal at pangkalan kerinci – riau indonesia
    So far i just can find 4 portal

    How pity am i

    Even i played pokemon go

    I cannot find a gym too
    Only a pokestop

    Please niantic help me


  62. good day,
    i work at the Talbot Teen Centre. we are a non for profit drop in centre for youth 12-18. we are playing this game and pokemon go daily. can you please make our address a portal so we can attract more youth for our game day programming?
    745 Talbot Street
    St. Thomas, Ontario Canada
    N5P 1E3

    thank you.

  63. Please have a look at here 13.286628,100.988852
    And please re-enable submissions.

  64. I was reading an artcle from the ingres support and it said that a place of education. So could you make my school a portal please. The school is Golden Valley High School Bakersfield, CA 93307

  65. Good morning . Can you create a portal at Laua an, Antique Philippines. ..please so my brother and sister can play ingress and pokemon go.. because the nearest portal is about 30 km ..please and everyone in my province can play too.. Thank you

  66. Could someone from Niantic at least respond. I don’t think anyone is moderating this thread.

  67. Please have a look at here 31.556322, -7.939835 and creat a portal

  68. When do next portal submissions will open back I have get bored with no portal in my town

  69. Just move to a remote town. The nearest portal is 42 km away and can’t add any. Uninstall it is.

  70. when or how do we had new portal my major city need more an our public park

  71. Guys, it’s been well over a year now. Will submissions resume at all or should I just delete the game?

  72. there is a nice garden near chunavati howrah with a various flower types pls make it a potal the exact Google location is 169/c/1, Natun Pally Rd , Mourigram, Howrah, West Bengal 711203

  73. I leave in Howrah,West Bengal India trere are very few portals in these area please solve this issues there is a park called Mitra park so pls make it a portal

  74. Hi. In our City of Dipolog, Philippines 7100 there are only 3 portals. Wherein Dipolog is the Capital in the Province. Many players from other provinces come to Dipologg for transportation. Yet few Portals available. There possible historical landmarks that can possibly be a good portal. Hope submission of portals will be available soon. More power Ingress

  75. Hi I live in a town Northallerton N.yorkshire England. There are a lot historical landmarks and area in my town which would be never good for portals. Hopeful submissions will be available for everyone to submit.

  76. Hello. I would like to request a portal to be created in a rural area which is Walton Acres, it is located outside of Toronto Ohio and we have a little park that would be nice if there was a portal so that everyone can come and play. The closes portal that we have is at the Toronto Riesbecks.

    • You, and a lot more people has to read better: this site is not affiliated with Google in any way and has no ability to add portals to the game.
      Your questeion should be directed ot Niantic.

  77. Hi when is it going to open up so we can submit new locations I live in Murupara, New Zealand we have no portals what so ever the only portal that is close enough is 20mins away driving dont want to drive all that way just 4 1 portal please help

  78. Hi i would like to ask a permission to creat portal here.

  79. I need some more portals in my town

  80. I live in a small town in the south of Chile, this is called Polcura… here there is just ONE portal… so you can’t do anything… There are 3 more places here to create new portals so I would create links among portals. Please, how can I create new portals??

  81. Is there a way for someone to create a portal or two for me? I know a couple good spots.

  82. Can you please make the lyon park community center in durham ,nc (US) a portal

  83. Hello im intetested on opening a portal at 2741 w Lawrence chicago illinois 60625 .. I had read online that ingress can create a portal and maybe help create also poke gym and pokestop for pokemon go players.. This place is my wife business its called Margarita’s Decorations.. Hope i can get advise or who too contact..

  84. I think the original Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile located at 4600 Waco Rd, Columbia, MO 65202. Kraftheinz hot dog factory should be a portal, but i dont know how to subit it, or even if i can. can someone else submit it?

  85. So at the moment I can’t suggest a portal????

  86. Any update when we will be able to submit new portals? You now have at least 3 different games using the same base data. Rural areas need a way to submit new portal suggestions to help those be able to play locally.

  87. Seems kinda odd to close submissions especially in areas that are basically barren. Niantic games are boring af in my area because of not being able to submit new places.

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