To put it quite simply: Portals are the objective of the game
To level in the game and participate in the game you have to be involved in capturing, upgrading, linking and attacking them. It would be nearly impossible to level up without interacting with a portal.  To learn more about the different interactions with portals in Ingress click one of the links below:

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  1. In need of activation code, please help…They may already be watching me. Portals may be in jeopardy, nothing I can do with out your help. May be too late already, hope not… standing by. Make the right decision, the resistance must not fail! I can see evedance of thie work all around. The choice is yours to make and I am sure I have said too much.

  2. how to invite friends to your team for our agents fraction? thx for info

  3. The “decay” portion of this site seems to serve as an example. Unless I’m mistaken, that url has decayed.
    On the other hand, it may be something on my end, but I imagine it would be wise to check anyway.

  4. Can I link a portal in America to a Portal in the UK?

  5. What happens when a portalis no longer accessible? Today I visited a nearby town that had several portals that were mosaics at the bases of light poles in a downtown parking lot. The light poles are gone, along with the parking lot and apartments are going in, in their place. While most of the portals can still be hacked from outside of the construction area, the one that was at the center of the lot can not be reached.

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