Ingress Passcodes


Ingress Passcodes

What is an Ingress passcode?

An Ingress passcode is a code that is hidden within the Niantic Project released documents.  They can be found anywhere within what is released and then when entered either through the intel map or from within the application will generally give you a reward of Action Points (AP), Exotic Matter (XM) and some Resonators and XMP Bursters of various levels.

Unfortunately, I have already tried the most popular cheat codes and ‘godmode’ is invalid.

If you don’t like cheating then this may feel like cheating. It is all part of the game, the real cheating part is if you allow other people to find the codes for you. However, if you like cheating then you will enjoy the list of passcodes that is provided below.

To help you along your way you may want to use some Cipher and Decoding tools that can be found online.

A good community for decoders is DeCode Ingress. You can learn a lot by watching these people decode the media posted on Niantic Project.

  75 Responses to “Ingress Passcodes”

  1. Please generate a code.
    I want to play for a game.


  2. Well, I have seen trailer and downloaded INGRESS. It was the most coolest game ever and you know what i think i could guess a code “RESISTENCE”

    • You’re wrong. I tried “RESISTANCE” and “Resistance” and “resistance” and they’re all invalid. I also tried “ENLIGHTENED” and “Enlightened” and “enlightened” and those are also all invalid.

  3. I am intrigued…. I’m not very good at cheating. But I love that this game will require me to get put to places around town to find clues-cool!

  4. plz i need generate a code.
    i wanna to play this game.

  5. I really want to pla this GAME!!!

  6. Pick me pick me!

  7. Someone please invite me! I want to play so badly! >_<

  8. Porfavor nesesito el codigo soy de paraguay

  9. i would like to try this game out, please send me the activation code.

  10. Please, can every one invite me? I wait since 3 month of a Mail Form and i send 2 pictures To brandon bager! But i have no ingrees Code! :((

  11. PLEASE all i want for christmas is an invite from someone :(( pleaseeeee

  12. please invite me plssssssssssss

  13. alguien sabe como cambiar el nick de codigo por un nick de letras?’ gracias

  14. All of my friends have been playing this game, and they are all on the Enlightenment. 1 reason i would like to play this game is because i want to beat my friends, and 2. because i will be one of the only people in the area that are Resistance. Please send me an Activation Code.

    • GOOD LUCK see I’m from the group Enlightenment and almost everywhere I go all I see is Resistance it’s very hard to do a lot of things by yourself trust me

  15. so you have to read through the documentation to find these codes? I’m a little confused about where the codes are originally found and/or generated.

    • We’ll be adding more to this page in the coming days.

      Most codes are hidden within clues posted on the Niantic Project website. You need to have a significant amount of problem solving and decoding experience to really stand a chance at finding them.

  16. Please someone send me an invite I been waiting and waiting…

    Por favor!

  17. I want to play Ingress, because I want to be the first of my friens to play this game.So if you can send me a Ingress code I’m gonna be very happy. 😀

  18. None of these codes appears to work any longer. They all say they are redeemed. How do we get new codes?

  19. Please me a attivazione code forse play

  20. I really want to play this with my husband. Please send me an activation code. It would be a great date night for us!

  21. I have been trying and trying to get the invite code….i am jealous of my friends. how do i get this code? i have been sending in e-mails and applying for this code. help please ?
    this game just grabs my inner most attention is there any way to get this code ?

    • Passcodes are not related to activation codes. Please see one of our blog posts about our activation code contests for a better idea on what they are.

  22. I’m afraid that type of deduction I can produce and no-one would guess, deduce,”decifer or run a word frequency analysis crack with the combination of vague global non specifics that you expect.

    Try me.

    Crack that.

  23. Please invite me, love to try out this got to be game of the year

  24. Hi Ingress Team,
    i’m from Germany and i live in the Town of Jägermeister and work by Volkswagen Wolfsburg !
    I think thats two good Places for the Game !

    And i have a new Flatscreen Device !!! ( Samsung Note 2 ) ;-))

    So please send me a Activation Code for much Game fun !!!

    Best Regards

  25. Would love to get a code to try this game out……

  26. Please i need a code to start playing!! What must i do to earn one??

  27. I just heard from my friend about this game. Looks interesting to hear so how about to play!!! Don’t know how to get the code. Could someone please tell me how to get the code.
    Looks forward

  28. need my please….. lo necesito por favor

  29. Hello,
    Can someone help me with a code / invitation please?
    I would be really gratefull.
    Thank you very much.

  30. Guys, these aren’t Passcodes to give people access, they give you in game items and things! so asking “Please, I want to play this game sooo badly” doesn’t mean anything, because these won’t even help you do that!!

  31. Im trying to get the inital acyivation code where do i get that
    I dont see any codes hete.

  32. y won’t u let any1 participate..?? T.T

  33. Necesito el código como hago quien me manda la invitación
    Soy de Costa Rica

  34. Code invait plise

  35. Please send invitation code. Seems like something i coud get into. I walk alot seems like a good game to kill time when im walking some where.

  36. They should use all the cemeteries, churches, parks, train stations, airports, libraries, town halls, police stations, firestations and government buildings in London as portals

  37. Invite please

  38. Invite please. I want to play this game

  39. invite please i want to play ingress but it cant be the green team

  40. please invite. i want code

  41. This seems interesting. I travel alot so this could br cool. Need activation code please!!

  42. I have been waiting a week already. Dying here.

  43. To everyone who is asking for an invite, these are PASSCODES, not activation codes, so please stop whinning about an invite!!

    • i would love some info on where passcodes generate if they are universal. some of the cyphers seem more advanced than the sunday paper cryptyque puzzles .how do we find them

  44. Is the ingress game Iphone5 compatible? I found an ap in the ap-store called ingress portals. But looks sketchy. Thanks.

  45. I want to know how to find passcodes qwick and esaly can you tell me how

  46. I ALREADY KNOW THE CODE! !!!!!!!!

  47. Oh please pick me I’m only on level 3

  48. Perhaps this topic could use some pruning? I didn’t have to enter an “activation” code, so I think that agents are free to choose a faction without being “invited”. There is an advantage to being invited (AP and a social connection) but I have already met a member of the opposing faction, just by playing.

    Gaining “passcodes” for goodies in play sounds cool, but I lack the time to sit at home decoding if I’m out capturing and defending portals.

    Perhaps embed them in “secret” media that is obtained through hacks? This might encourage story integration more than hiding in our homes at the computer trying to break a code.

    Just a thought…

  49. If you want an invite, email me at andiigoesforward at gmail dot com.

    I have a bunch of them I’m not using and I’ll be happy to invite you.

    Good luck players!

  50. like to send me some passcodes on email

  51. Looking for info on an error I saw entering passcodes. Said “passcode circuitry too hot” Wondering if you know how long I have to wait before entering another passcode after I see that. I tried 9 hours… Is it a whole day?

  52. I am no longer positive the place you are getting your info, however good topic.

    I must spend a while finding out more or working out more.

    Thanks for magnificent info I used to be looking for this info for
    my mission.

  53. Please generate a code.
    I want to play for a game.


  54. Reposting Michael’s words from February 2013: “To everyone who is asking for an invite, these are PASSCODES, not activation codes, so please stop whining about an invite!!”

    It’s been years. Hello! Why are people in this thread not able to tell the difference between passcodes (which are used by existing Ingress players) and invite/activation codes (new players)?? Read the original post! Anyway I came here to try to figure out how passcodes work and am more confused than ever. What I know: They are cryptic strings of letters or numbers embedded in Ingress videos or documents, and need time and effort to decode. They are not names or places or anything we’d recognize in undecoded raw form.

  55. I need to get my Faction changed to Enlightened as I was originally enlightened until I had to reset my codes. I was Slagents. How do I get it back?

  56. I had to RESET my Cellphone and put it as Slagent, instead of SLAGENTS and now it makes me in Resistance instead of Enlightened

  57. alguno tiene codepass para compartir. este es mi corrreo

  58. i want generate pascode
    please help me

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