Remote Location



Do you play Ingress in a remote location and have trouble farming xmp bursters?

If so one of your options for getting xmp bursters we suggest visiting this ingress store to buy the Ingress items you need.

In this Ingress shop you can buy their RTD Packs.  They are ready to drop so you’ll get instant delivery and won’t need to wait for cool-down.

All the other items such as xmp burster, portal mods, and cubes are usually shipped within 24 hours.

For the first order you will get a 15% discount and 150 points in their loyalty program as well as other discounts you can view here. You can pay with Paypal and most credit cards through Stripe. In addition Bitcoins are welcome and you will receive 20% off on every order paid with bitcoins This Ingress shop also has an amazing loyalty program that will save you up to 50% after only a few orders.

If you would like to add some medals to your account then you can visit their section on ingress badges, as often they have some good promotions.

If you have been banned by NIA they also sell L8 accounts with ban warranty.  Because all accounts they sell are levelled by hand so 100% refund offered in case of ban. (As long as you played standard without spoofing)

If you have any other questions you can take a look at the FAQ page of the shop or contact them directly, customer care always replies within 24 hours often much less.
This store is a good resource for all players of Ingress.  Try an order, you will not regret.