The Turret In Ingress

Turret Weapon System

The Turret mod increases your portal’s attack rate. They can make it very hard for the other faction to hack and attack your portal. Especially when used in a farm. Turrets were the most rumored portal mod so far!
As of this date, the only available class of the Turret is the rare one, so we cannot give you information about the whole package at this moment.

Mod Stats

Every deployed turret gives the portal more attack frequency, meaning that the portal will attack three times where it would have attack only once without a deployed Turret. Every Turret increases the attack rate and hit points gradually, so there are no penalties for using more than one of this mod on any portal.

The Turret gives an increase of 200% in attack rate and 0.2 hit point.

This page will get updated once Niantec releases more info

Damage Output

The increase of attack rate per deployed Turret stays the same, so deploying all four will give you an incredible increase in attack power!

  • First: + 200% attack rate & + 0.2 hit point;

  • Second: + 200% attack rate & + 0.2 hit point;

  • Third: + 200% attack rate & + 0.2 hit point;

  • Fourth: + 200% attack rate & + 0.2 hit point;

Meaning that when you deploy 4 Turrets, the portal’s total attack rate would be 900% and its total hit points would be 1.8.

  2 Responses to “Turret”

  1. No longer correct. Turrets have been increased to 30% damage, up from 0.2%. [Source]

  2. You need to include a posting date on your info, too old and too wrong, do some research and update, the game has changed.

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