Multi-Hack Ingress Items


The Multi-Hack mod increases the amount of times a portal can be hacked by an Agent before burning out the portal. When used in combination with the Heat Sink, this mod can be great in farms to increase the item return in a short amount of time.

Multi-Hack stats

Each deployed Multi-hack increases the amount of times a portal can be hacked gradually, meaning that the first common Multi-hack gives you 4 more hacks the same amount as if you were to add a fourth common Multi-hack. The Multi-hack comes in 3 different rarities too each increasing the number of hacks:

  • Common: + 4 hacks;

  • Rare: + 8 hacks;

  • Very Rare: + 12 hacks;

When 4 very rare Multi-hacks are deployed, you get 4 + (4 * 12) = 52 hacks before you burn out the portal.  This however would be a waste as 52 hacks with a 5 minute cool down between hacks would take 260 minutes to burn out a portal which is longer than the 240 minutes that it takes for a portal to reset it’s hack count from the agent’s first hack.

To burn out a portal as it is resetting you will want a total of + 44 additional hacks.  This can be obtained by 3 Very Rare mods and 1 rare mod.

eXact Matter Usage

  • Common: 400 XM

  • Rare: 800 XM

  • Very Rare: 1000 XM

  5 Responses to “Multi-Hack”

  1. Im not sure this calculation is right.
    I know a Portal with 2 rare and 1 common multi hack.
    So 8(rare)+8(rare)+4(common)+4(normal) hacks = 24 hacks.
    BUT i can only hack the Portal 18times

  2. ola amigos si funciona el hack

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