Link Amplifier


Link Amplifier Portal Mod

Link Amplifier

The Link Amplifier portal mod is a new mod that increases the distance over which you can link two portals with each other.

Link Amplifier Stats

Every deployed Link Amp will increase the maximum link distance by a certain amount, but it works by the diminishing return rule. You get less advantage from a second deployed Link Amp, even less at a third and an even lower increase when a fourth Link Amp is deployed.

At this point we can only give you information on the rare Link Amp, as common and very rare mods aren’t unlocked yet. The first deployed Link Amp gives you an increase of 100% in link distance!

This page will get updated once Niantec releases more info

Link Distance per Deployed Link Amplifier

The increase of link distance per deployed amplifier declines, so you don’t get another 100% increase on attack damage if you deploy a second Amplifier. This is a way to make sure the portals don’t get too powerful.

  • First Link Amplifier: +100% increase;

  • Second Link Amp: +50% increase;

  • Third Link Amp: +25% increase;

  • Fourth Link Amp: +12.5% increase;

Meaning that only the first one is really significant, because you can reach a total link distance of 200%. If you would deploy all four, the total link distance would only become 287.5%.

Let’s put those number into action on a level 8 portal:

  • Base link distance: 655 km

  • One Link Amp deployed: 655 * 2 = 1310 km

    • + 655 km increase!

  • Second Link Amp deployed: 655 * 2.5 = 1637 km

    • + 327 km increase.

  • Third Link Amp deployed: 655 * 2.75 =  1801 km

    • +164 km increase..

  • Fourth Link Amp deployed: 655 * 2.875 = 1883 km

    • +82 km increase only…

eXact Matter Usage

  • Common: 400 XM

  • Rare: 800 XM

  • Very Rare: 1000 XM

  2 Responses to “Link Amplifier”

  1. You are basing the increase on the base distance. Why would it not be based on the current distance? Meaning a second amp would be up to 1966 km? (1310 * 1.5) ?

    • I believe all multipliers are added together before they are applied to the base value (as in the example). Seems to be the case for HS as well. In your scenario, the second amp is worth exactly as much as the first (655 km), the third is worth almost as much (491 km, or 75% of 655) and the fourth is worth almost half (308 km, or 47% of 655). Still diminishing relationship, but a much shallower drop-off.

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