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Ingress Portal Mods

Ingress Portal mods are additional items that can be deployed to a portal in addition to resonators.  While you can deploy 8 resonators you are only allowed 4 slots for deploying portal mods.  Mods can also not be upgraded in the same way as resonators, they must be removed (by their owner) and then replaced in order to be upgraded or changed.

Ingress update 1.28.2 introduced 5 new ingress portal mods that many were waiting for! Prior to this update the only portal mod was the different rarities of portal shields. The new mods added were the Link Amp, Heat Sink, Multi-hack, Force Amp and the Turret. These mods increase certain statistics on your portal, such as the distance of a link and attack power. Of course, we still only have 4 mod slots and we have to think our strategy through before deploying any mod now. The new mods come in 3 different rarities; common, rare and very rare. Every rarity has its own stat upgrade, e.g.: a common Multi-hack will give you 4 more hacks, while the very rare Multi-hack gives you 12 more hacks before your portal burns out.

New Ingress Portal Mods

Deploying a mod

The new ingress portal mods have the same requirements for deployment as the well-know Portal shield:

  • The portal has to be of your faction

  • There has to be a vacant portal mod slot

  • Your XM level has to be sufficient

There is a possibility to remove these portal mods, but you can only remove your own mods

Multi Mod Deployment

Most mods work with diminishing returns, meaning the Heat Sink won’t give you 4 * 70% = 280% decrease in burn out time. The second mod of the same type gives you less advantage than the first, the third will give you less advantage than the second and the fourth will give you, again, less advantage than the third.

Portal Stats:

  • Mitigation (Shield capacity)

  • Attack Power

  • Number of Attacks

  • Cool Down Time (time between hacks)

  • Amount of Hacks (before the portal burns out)

  • Link Distance

The 6 Ingress Portal Mods:

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