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There is a vast array of Ingress items used in game that agents can obtain by hacking portals, redeeming passcodes or picking up items that other agents have dropped.

All Ingress items have different uses and come at different levels and rarities.  An item’s level determines what agent level is required in order to use that item as well as the item’s level or rarity is used to determine the XM cost of deploying/using the item.  In addition all items can be recycled in order to obtain XM in exchange for the item.

With the exception of Media and Power Cubes all other Ingress items are related to a portal in some way.  Whether it’s an item that is required for linking, items that help fortify a portal or items that are used in attacking portals. To view more information on each of the Ingress items click on one of the links below.

Ingress Items

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  1. We should get some sort of new weapons and what if we could place turrents not just at a portal but anywere we want and how about a temporary portal u place it u cant use it to link but let it be there for fellow members to hack like a base for recorces and then let it stay there till destroy by an enimy teem and let mods be able to used for it imstead of just 4 but even more so it can be a camp

  2. More storage I would pay to have more storage available to me. Either like Portal key boxes. Or even a off site storage are were you have to login in and out to transfer items.

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