Sep 262013

Ingress At s-Hertogenbosch

In the week that followed, I visited some friends in small towns and gathered what very little AP I could by attacking the only L8 agent there but he was way overpowered for me at this point. So I went over to his work portal in the outskirts of town (which was badly located in the first place, because the statute on the picture belongs to a swimming pool in the center of town) and tried to take down his level 7 portal outfitted with 4 very rare Portal Shields. The first few minutes went great, I took down one shield and one L7 resonator, but then he noticed me.. He started recharging and rebuilding, so after 30 more minutes the portal was at 100% health and all his shields were still up. I felt cooked by the sun from walking around all day in the heat and I got cranky. The best thing for me to do was leaving that area, go home and relax a bit. Continue reading »

Sep 192013

Agent Yioishi Race to Level 8 Ingress Agent

My last post dates from end July and you all saw in that header, that I was just beginning with level 6. In fact I only had 336,282 AP and a whole lot left to gain before I would become a level 8 Ingress agent.

From that point on, I paused my writing for Ingress Guide and wrote a battle plan just so I could gain the nearly 1 million more AP I would need to become L8. And I can tell you all: it worked, I became a level 8 Ingress agent in just 2 weeks! Continue reading »

Jun 242013

Agent Yioishi - Level 6

Yesterday was a special day for me. A milestone, really. It was an achievement of staying alive for 365 days, because that is all what a birthday means to me. And although I said to myself: “Not too many friends this year, just a small private party.”, my living room was filled with joyful people who were celebrating my living spree.
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