Jan 142016

What's Coming in 2016 for Ingress Guide

First off, it’s been a long time since the last post was made on here, so It’s time to break the radio silence and give you all a quick look at what we have in store for Ingress Guide in 2016!  

The first change we want to bring attention to is a change that will be mostly happening behind the scenes.  Since it’s inception Ingress Guide has always been a one man shop with occasional work being submitted by other individuals to help bolster content for the website.  However, in 2016 that is changing as the company The Internet Sensei LLC will be taking over management of the website.  What does this mean for Ingress Guide?  It means more updates, more posts, more partnerships and of course more content.  What kind of content you may wonder?  I’m glad you asked.

One of the things we aim to have implemented early on in 2016 is a revamping of the website itself.  The website has barely changed in the years since it was been created and the theme is outdated and not mobile friendly.  The goal of the website revamp is to change that by updating the website and making it more user and mobile friendly.

Along with overhauling the design of the website we also want to add more fun content.  One of the things we aim to add is decoding and glyph games to help hone your skills playing and following along with Ingress.  These little mini games will be hosted as part of the site changes and will be posted about as they become available.

Another benefit of this new management chain is leveraging their other projects and connections in order to benefit each other.  One of these projects is going to be creating a series of YouTube Videos for Ingress Guide.

Last but certainly not least is that over the years of being in the Ingress community we have acquired a fair bit of swag.  In order to help promote the site and our new initiatives we will be giving this swag away through various give aways.  

We are excited to bring you these changes as quickly as possible and hope you are excited for them too.  

  3 Responses to “What’s Coming in 2016 For Ingress Guide”

  1. What happened to your 2015 articles?

  2. I am new to Ingress; 2 days playing. Is the compass going to be fixed? I enjoy the concept with finding things of interest and getting exercise is fun and healthy as I am 55 years old, but I find the compass extremely annoying.

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