Apr 172014

First Interitus results are in as well as a nice teaser towards upcoming updates to the Ingress Scanner app including new levels.

Scanner Updates

The first big news from today’s Ingress Report is the announcement of levels 9 through 16.  Although there is no solid data on amounts of AP/Badges that are required in order to achieve these levels or what new items will be available this announcement should come very happily to many agents who have been Level 8 for some time.

Unconfirmed and unverified unpacked values from Ingress Scanner App:

Level AP Required
9 2,500,000
10 5,000,000
11 7,500,000
12 10,000,000
13 15,000,000
14 20,000,000
15 30,000,000
16 50,000,000


Interitus Anomaly Results

Resistance came with a strong showing by creating a mega field that covered not only the primary site in Amsterdam but also the satellite site in Glasgow. Resistance had a strategic advantage by holding global and regional scores going into the event.

  • April 12th, 2014
    • Primary: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      • Resistance: 1054
      • Enlightened: 274
    • Secondary: Malaga, Spain
      • Enlightened: 505
      • Resistance: 125
    • Secondary: Glasgow, UK
      • Enlightened: 410
      • Resistance: 263
    • Total Score:
      • Resistance: 1442
      • Enlightened: 1189

The Enlightened claimed both secondary cities but the strong Resistance scoring in the primary city of Amsterdam won the first Interitus Anomaly for the Resistance.

Upcoming Interitus Anomaly Dates

  • April 26th, 2014
    • Primary: Flagstaff, Arizona, US
    • Primary: London, UK
    • Secondary: Salt Lake City, Utah, US
    • Secondary: Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
    • Secondary: Stockholm, Sweden
    • Secondary: Frankfurt, Germany
  • May 10th, 2014
    • Primary: Santa Fe, New Mexico, US
    • Primary: Tohoku, Japan
    • Secondary: Cheyenne, Wyoming, US
    • Secondary: Helena, Montana, US
    • Secondary: Seoul, South Korea
    • Secondary: Beijing, China
  • May 17th, 2014
    • Primary: Kansas City, Missouri, US
    • Primary: Melbourne, Australia
    • Secondary: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, US
    • Secondary: Madison, Wisconsin, US
    • Secondary: Brisbane, Australia
    • Secondary: Auckland, New Zealand
  • June 7th, 2014
    • Primary: Cincinnati, Ohio, US
    • Primary: Santiago, Chile
    • Secondary: Asheville, North Carolina, US
    • Secondary: Birmingham, Alabama, US
    • Secondary: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Secondary: San Jose, Costa Rica
  • June 21st, 2014
    • Primary: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, US
    • Primary: St. Petersburg, Russia
    • Secondary: Hoboken, New Jersey, US
    • Secondary: Jacksonville, Florida, US
    • Secondary: Krakow, Poland
    • Secondary: Bergen, Norway

Notable Agent Operations

Operation Pink: 21 Female resistance agents in the Philippines gather to create 251 all female level 8 portals in the island nation.

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  1. you should send a notification when a ally or enemy is in range

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