Mar 132014

This week’s Ingress Report yet again focuses almost solely on the Recursion anomaly and the results of this weekend’s event.


 Recursion Anomaly Update

This last weekend’s anomaly in Austin, TX again went to the Resistance.  While the Enlightened controlled most of the area around Austin the Resistance controlled the global MU count as well as the two satellite locations in St. Louis and Mexico City.

The final score for Recursion # 4 is Enlightened: 791 / Resistance: 1132

New in the Austin anomaly is the addition of 3 Mysterious XM Vaults.  Once these valuts were unlocked by agents they contained various Ingress Codes and several ancient artifacts that still remain unknown.

During the anomaly a van was also spotted that was inscribed with the Niantic Project logo and carried the tag NL-1331.

After this week’s anomaly three new artifacts have emerged:

  1. Sydney, Australia
  2. South Korea
  3. Kyoto, Japan

The target portal for these three artifacts is the Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue in Austin, Texas.

Upcoming Recursion Anomaly

  • March 15th, 2014
    • Primary: Zagreb, Croatia
    • Remotes: Tel Aviv, Israel; Cairo, Egypt; Nice, France; Cagliari, Italy

Storyline Updates

During this last week’s anomaly Hank Johnson appeared on the scene.  Near the end of the anomaly he asked for agents to help him in regaining his humanity.

A new video released sheds more light on Hank Johnson’s plight.  The question still remains, who or what is this man?  And who is the real Hank Johnson, believed to have died in 2010.

Notable Operations

Wake that Game Up:  Hearing that Nashville needed some more firepower in order to help defend against the incoming artifacts Agent @Palko from California was dispatched via crowd funding to help defend.

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