Mar 072014

This week’s Ingress Report again focuses on the Recursion Anomaly with some information on new scanner updates.

Recursion Anomaly Update

Resistance are proving themselves to be more coordinated this anomaly event and have once again captured this week’s event in Nashville, TN, USA

The final score was Enlightened: 222 / Resistance 671

Satellite locations are also proving to be well coordinated with Mobile, AL and Little Rock, AR both going to the Resistance as well.

The Enlightened need to claim high value targets in the upcoming events in order to stand a good chance of capturing the overall recursion anomaly.

The previous artifacts Creativity and Destiney have not yet been brought to their destination portals in order to be brought under control.

After this week’s anomaly three new artifacts have emerged:

  1. Past in Stuttgart, Germany
  2. Present in Greece
  3. Future in England

Resistance have opened up the next target portal for those 3 artifacts on the USS Tennessee Ship’s Bow in the Nashville’s Central Park

Upcoming Recursion Anomaly

  • March 8th, 2014
    • Primary: Austin, TX, USA
    • Remotes: Mexico City, Mexico; Saint Louis, USA

During this event several XM Vaults are going to appear in Austin, TX that are rumored to contain some ancient relics that are perhaps related to the xm artifacts.   What these will do/contain is currently unknown but will be heavily contested.

Storyline Updates

Also recently released is a confirmed video showing Hank Johnson’s dead body.  Which brings up the question, who is the person that is walking around claiming to be Hank Johnson and will they be at the Austin anomaly as stated.

The Elite V agents are currently with local groups preparing for their trip to California.  In the week before the final Recursion event in Los Ageneles they will be participating in a Recursion Caravan.

Scanner Enhancements

Several scanner enhancements have gone out this week:

  • You can now view the name on a dropped portal key prior to picking it up.
  • You can navigate directly to remote portal view by tapping the key icon.
  • Added comm range features.
  • Upgraded Zoom interface.

Notable Operations

Operation BlueOasis: A couple from UK Traveled to the Middle East joining friends along the way that they have made through Ingress.  In this joint effor they captured over 160 million mind units

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