Feb 272014

It’s Thursday again so time for another Ingress Report.  Today’s Ingress report focuses again on the Recursion anomalies and results from the last weekend’s anomaly event in Bangalore, India.

The first thing talked about in this week’s update was the recent scanner updates which feature a new mini game of sorts to help boost your results from hacking portals.   In order to activate this while at a portal you need to click and hold on Hack for a few seconds.  This will bring up a new window with several dots across it.  You will then be shown a series of 4 glyphs.  Once you have been shown all the glyphs you will then be given a chance to draw them in.  Based on your ability to correctly replicate the glyphs and do so quickly you will be given a boost to your hack and awarded extra items.

It is believe that Ada made these adjustments to the scanner app.   However, there is warning surrounding these Glyphs as they are believed to have influenced Klue’s transformation and what happened to Carrie Campbell.

The 2nd Recursion event in Bangalore, India went to the Resistance with a score of 691 to 657.  In winning the Resistance have opened up the 2nd target portal: Sri Chamarajendra Wadiyar in Bangalore, India.

There are currently 2 active Ancient Artifacts in play.  The first one has been move from Cordoba, Spain where it was activated to St. Augustine Florida extremely close to the target portal in Miami, Florida.  The second artifact is currently in Alexandria, Egypt and must move to the newly opened target portal in Bangalore, India.

The next Recursion Anomaly is:

  • March 1st, 2014
    • Primary: Nashville, TN, USA
    • Remotes:  Mobile, AL, USA; Little Rock, AK, USA

It is rumored that Klue is planning to attend this next event in Nashville.

Notable Agent Operations

Insurrection: Global Resistance Operation launched in Early February.  The goal was to boost global resistance score as quickly as possible.  With only a week of planning the operation boosted the Resistance Mind Unit count to nearly 2 billion.

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