Feb 062014

In this week’s Ingress Report:  New XM Anomalies, Two of the largest Operations in Ingress History and Immortality through ancient artifacts.

With the DICE Summit happening this past week in Las Vegas a new XM anomaly is set to occur over the next two months.   These anomalies are set to occur in the following cities on the listed dates:

  • Miami, Florida, USA – Feb 15
  • Bangalore, India – Feb 22
  • Nashville, Tennessee, USA – Mar 1
  • Austin, Texas, USA – Mar 8
  • Zagreb, Croatia – Mar 15
  • Boulder, Colorado, USA – Mar 22
  • Los Angeles, California, USA and Berlin, Germany – Mar 29

Not much was referenced in continuation of the story line other than the mention of ancient artifacts that are believed to be sought after by Hank Johnson and Ada.  These special exotic matter artifacts are believed to be linked to the path to immortality.

At the end of the report she also made vague statement about those wishing to do her harm and how their colleagues shouldn’t be expected to dial home soon.

Over the last week Agent activity has spiked including two of the largest operations in Ingress history in terms of ground covered and mind units captured.

Notable Agent Operations

Operation Cover Java (NUTUP JAWA):  Indonesian Enlightened agents set out to cover the island Java with control fields.  Operation included 6 teams of agents and blanketed Java and gained 41 million mind units in the process.

Operation Event Horizon: Resistance agents from UK, Ireland and France set out to create some of the largest control fields in history covering much of the UK, Ireland and France in the process.  In total the control fields gained nearly 645 Million Mind Units doubling the Resistance total at that time.

Operation BudDhi: Indian Enlightened agents created 58 overlapping fields for a whopping total of 5.94 Billion Mind Units.  The largest operation known to date.

Notable Portals

Wynwood Rock Robot Mural: Painted by Pixel Poncho in 2011 it is located in the Wynwood District Miami, Florida

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