Jan 302014

It’s been a week, so that means it’s time for another Ingress Report

In this week’s Ingress Report the focus is on the the Elive V (five) Ingress agents from around the world.  These agents are being recognized for standing out in the following ways:

  • Helped Lead Complex Global Operations
  • Mentored New Agents
  • Participated in Global Discussion and planning for Events
  • Explorers, discovering new portals and locations.

The agents will be flown to California where they will participate with Niantic in planning and strategy for future global events.  The selected agents are listed below in the order they were listed in the video:

  1. Australian Enlightened Agent: @fourfootseven
  2. French Enlightened Agent: @Morka
  3. US Resistance Agent: @Portalyst
  4. German Resistance Agent: @TheBaMs
  5. Russian Enlightened Agent: @Viciniext

As you can see there is a pretty good mixture of individuals selected.  The favor in this instance goes to The Enlightened having a higher representation in the 5.

For updates to the story line there is rumors of a new Global XM Operation being linked to Ada and Hank Johnson.  Ada is also becoming increasingly assertive and is rumored to be cooperating with IQ Tech in seeking agent artifacts.

On February 7th, Operation #DICE2014 will be in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Finally, there was the announcement of new scanner updates.

In addition to new Visuals for creating fields, neutralizing portals and leveling up they are also giving agents field kits when they level.  These field kits contain Resonators, Bursters and Power Cubs for your new level in addition to various portal mod objects.

Notable Agent Operations

Operation Bi-Polar: Indiana, USA Resistance Agents created control fields 100 Layers thick requiring one agent to farm 74 portals keys for a single anchor portal. (Situation Report)

Operation Four Corners: Resistance agents from Las Vegas and Salt Lake City created a 4 state field covering Utah, California, Arizona and Nevada.  In total the field covered 275,000 square kilometers.  (Situation Report)

Operation Blue Nightmare: Created two first: The first ever field linking the Dominican Republic with Haiti, it also created the largest resistance control field in the Dominican Republic topping off at over 3 Million Mind Units.

Notable Portals

Einstein Mural: Located on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, CA it was created by Brazilian street art artist Eduardo Kobra.

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