Jan 232014

It’s Thursday, so that means there’s another Ingress Report.

In this week’s Ingress Report the focus on storyline development falls solely on Hank Johnson, a former Niantic Project member.  Recently he’s been up to creating a series called Nomad.  During a show recently he was investigating a cave when the screen went dark and there was gunfire.  He reappeared later but has no memory of the event in question.  Conspiracy leads towards him not being himself entirely and even more recently he no longer feels normal.

On the tech side of things this week’s report further expands on details around the recently released region scoring aspect of the app.  The regional scoring separates the game into 24,576 regional cells it operations on 175 hour cycles with 35 checkpoints.  Checkpoints happening every 5 hours scoring is measured based on control fields maintained at that time.  This also allows you to view more details on your region including the top 50 players from each side and also allows you to view scores from neighboring regions.

Notable Agent Operations

Operation 8 + 8: Playing off of the use of number 8 in Ingress the ‘Green Fog Squad using 16 overlapping fields to claim over 16 million mind units.

Operation Azrael: Claim over 18.5 Million mind units and required agents to take many road trips and flights in order to organize.

Notable Portals

Tip of Borneo: Represents the meeting of two seas, the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea

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