Oct 102013
Race to Level 8 Ingress Agent

The end result of my final attack in my race to 8

This is the final post in a three part series of my race to becoming a Level 8 Ingress Agent.  Where we left off I only needed a bit more than 100,000 AP to Agent Level 8 and the best fight for AP was still to come!

The last night of my race to L8, I was in my own town and it got wiped again.  So I invited a friend of mine (not an Ingress Agent, he has an iPhone) to walk around in our city and take down as much blue as possible and try to reach L8. I was busy for about two and a half hours and I now only needed 10,000 AP more, but all portals were mine already and almost all possible links were laid out. This bummed me out a little bit. I just couldn’t go home with less than 10,000 AP remaining. At the moment we decided to go home and level up another day, I saw that I left one portal totally unlinked and I could still create 4 or 5 more links and 4 more fields with that portal. My friend, tired of walking, struggled a bit when I said I needed to walk back for just one more time, but when I showed him my AP bar, he said: “Let’s do this, let’s get you level 8 and me home, haha”.

After I laid those fields and created those links, I was level 8 and finally able to compete against other agents, plus I could now participate in P8 Farm Build & Runs!

All these events were done in 2 or 3 weeks, with days of no playing. That means that you too can become a level 8 Ingress Agent in no-time!

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