Sep 192013

Agent Yioishi Race to Level 8 Ingress Agent

My last post dates from end July and you all saw in that header, that I was just beginning with level 6. In fact I only had 336,282 AP and a whole lot left to gain before I would become a level 8 Ingress agent.

From that point on, I paused my writing for Ingress Guide and wrote a battle plan just so I could gain the nearly 1 million more AP I would need to become L8. And I can tell you all: it worked, I became a level 8 Ingress agent in just 2 weeks!

The first opportunity for big AP was when my city got overrun by the Resistance and they took down all the Enlightened portals. They left a big cluster of P2s (portals of level 2) because they deployed just one Resonator level 7 and the rest Resonators L1 or 2. Even though it was already 11:30, I just had to go out and take advantage of this opportunity. So I destroyed everything they just built up and made it green again. However, the resistance agents had not left yet and they tore everything down minutes after I had built it up. My first thought was: “Wow, are they really giving me this opportunity?” because all I had to do was determine their first portal build, locate myself there and wait for a few minutes before I was launching the second counter attack that night.

I had already used up most of my portal keys in the first run, so I couldn’t link properly anymore, but I just had to take as much as I could, even if it meant depleting my entire inventory doing so. And I did, I couldn’t let this invitation of theirs go to waste by sleeping, now could I? Sleeping is for n00bs!

My second run ended around 2:30 in the morning. I was beat up and my feet were sore from walking, but I achieved a set goal: I became level 7.  Which meant I collected over 150,000 AP in one night!

From here on out, everything became a blur. I was so determined to become level 8 that I bent myself in impossible ways to just gain that 600,000 AP I needed. Then problem is I have kind of been chasing a ghost since that moment. No big attacks from the resistance in my town and the next town over was green too by another agent, so going there would be a waste of time. All I did for a few days was upgrading, recharging and taking one home portal of a Resistance agent again and again. That only gave me around 100.000 AP and when you know you can get more than 150K in just one night, you feel kind of humiliated by the opposing faction. They were just mocking me.

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